8LIGA Review: Read and Know.

What is the 8LIGA Review? What is the user’s opinion after using this portal? Then, read the content and get all the knowledge about this site and its reviews.

Do you have any idea how several businesses carry on their legal operation at the front end, but in the back end, scripts run to track the user’s IP address? Moreover, you must know that if someone tracks the IP address of your system or device, they are able to track the browsing history or your activity on the internet.

There is a website, 8LIGA, based in Malaysia, which is getting the limelight nationwide; however, before using it, let’s check the 8LIGA Review

Introduction of 8LIGA site:

According to our search, this is a Malaysia-based gambling web portal, meaning this portal has several different types of games on which users can bet. Before proceeding more, we want to inform you that you never promote or support gambling activity. But, in this Asian country, gambling is legal, and anyone can play it. The legal act CGHA-act 1953 has made this activity legit and non-void nationwide.

In accordance with the information, this portal is a popular site among adults and young adults.

8LIGA Owner- Who owns this web portal?

The 8LIGA.NET isn’t handled by its customers, but the website has mentioned that the license holder and official owner is ‘Playtech Software Limited.’ So again, we want to let our audiences know that the site is showing a message on the landing page, where it’s written the site is under maintenance, and around 99 hours will be taken to finish it.

Again we searched this site to find its existence on Facebook; however, the profile has no followers. Thus, it can be considered that the site is not popular on social platforms and that the owner did not take steps to create a social community.

8LIGA Review- What do users think about it?

Following our searches and the available data, we fetched mixed remarks from the users. Moreover, we observed fewer amounts of positive feedback about this site, which decreases its credibility. However, the portal ranks well on the Trust Index panel, around 90%. But, seeing the remarks from the users, it’s hard to specify anything. 

Giving you a hint of negative remarks, we found that users have mentioned that this portal tracks the payment information of users as well as personal data. So, it means 8LIGA is charged for data theft by its users. But, we also want to mention that the 8LIGA Casino site has a legit ‘SSL Certificate’ and ‘HTTPS Connection.’ And the ‘HTTPS Protocol‘ is used to protect the user’s data. Therefore, there is confusion about this site’s practice. Furthermore, due to this maintenance reason, no one is able to withdraw their investment, which brings big trouble for the investor.

Wrapping Up:

We never suggest you try any gambling site, as most countries have legal restrictions, and if someone is caught red-handed, they will get punished as per the law. However, coming to this portal, which is legally doing its gambling business, has mixed 8LIGA Review (most are negative). So, you can avoid this site. Is this blog insightful? Please place your comment in the review section.

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