Anna Sorokin 2022 : What Happened to The True Story?

The purpose of this article is to provide readers with information about Anna Sorokin 2022 to learn more about the miniseries of Netflix.

Would you like to watch the Netflix series Inventing Anna regularly? Do you have a favourite character in Inventing Anna?

Many Netflix subscribers throughout Canada, United States, United Kingdom, and several other parts of the world looked for Anna Sorokin, often called Anna Delvey.

If you’re a Netflix subscriber who wants to learn more about Anna Sorokin 2022, check out the article below.

A few facts about Anna Sorokin:

Anna Sorokin, the character known as Anna Delvey, is back in the spotlight with the premiere of Netflix’s Inventing Anna.

Julia Garner portrays Anna in Shonda Rhimes’ drama that covers the conniving lady’s ups and downs and how she defrauded banks, hotels, wealthy friends, and certain other organizations.

Garner informed Delvey Country that Anna is a wonderful person. However, if she requires assistance, her voice will become less gentle.

Continue reading to know about Where Is Anna Sorokin Now 2022? He added that they gave Inventing Anna a visit in jail before her shoot and discovered her extraordinarily beautiful and charming.

Anna is from which place?

Anna, Netflix’s series character, was born in a Moscow suburb in 1991, and she moved to Germany along with her family in 2007.

She then relocated to Paris, when she assumed Anna Delvey that was kept until 2014 until she relocated to New York City.

Besides, Anna tricked her way into a luxury existence in New York by skipping hotel costs and playing footsie with the city’s elite while stealing them.

About Anna Sorokin 2022:

Delvey was released on good conduct on February 11, 2021, after approximately four years in prison.

ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) brought her back into prison six weeks after her release for overstaying her visa. She is still being held by ICE in New York City.

Delvey also includes a piece she wrote for Newsweek while in custody that she doesn’t expect in seeing Inventing Anna anytime soon.

To see a fictionalized version of herself in a lawbreaker atmosphere does not entice her, even if she decides to tighten the strands and fix the situation.

It is now clear that Where Is Anna Sorokin Now 2022.

Was Anna taken into custody?

The Los Angeles Police Department arrested Anna Delvey on October 3, 2017, with a sting operation run by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office.

Rachel DeLoache Williams, who claimed she was scammed out of almost 60,000 USD by Delvey when on a trip to Marrakesh, was also part of the sting.

Williams has chastised Netflix for portraying a fraudulent woman’s public relations in Inventing Anna.

Delvey was soon brought to Rikers Island and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of release. Three weeks later, she was charged with theft of roughly 275,000 USD through many schemes.


Anna Sorokin 2022, a figure from Inventing Anna, has resurfaced in the headlines, piquing people’s interest in learning more about her life and locality.

Since March 2021, she has been in ICE jail for overstaying her visa. She rose to prominence following her Netflix narrative from executive producer and showrunner Shona Rhimes.

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