Bostin Loyd Cycle : What did The Cause of Death?

This post shares details associated with the latest Bostin Loyd Cycle and informs viewers about the reason for the demise and related important information.

Are you aware of the recent demise of a well-known bodybuilder? Do you want to know the reason for his unexpected passing? 

Several followers across the United States and other parts of the world are devastated and shaken by the demise of the healthy bodybuilder.

So, let’s find out more details associated with Bostin Loyd Cycle and the potential causes of his demise.

Who exactly was Bostin Cycle?

Bostin Loyd is a well-known bodybuilder among the most straightforward individuals in the bodybuilding sector. He was not fearful of disclosing his alternative cycle with the people worldwide and was open to steroids and performance-boosting substances.

Besides being among the most hardworking bodybuilders, he was known for his outspokenness associated with booster drugs and supplement chains. Hence, several brands avoided him for providing support or sponsoring him since several individuals were often criticized for his activities and actions taken.

What resulted in Bostin Loyd Death?

An immense criticism is noticed over the internet due to Bostin’s openness for supplement cycles and steroids. Several individuals believe that many bodybuilders’ lives are at risk and usually die due to performance-boosting drug cycles and steroids.

As per the sources and reports, the cause of Bostin’s demise is the failure of the kidney as he was suffering from kidney failure with stage five and was likely to wait for a kidney transplant. In addition, several controversial facts took place regarding supplements and steroid cycles.

However, you may explore Bostin Loyd’s life and other associated facts to know the factual information.

Additional facts about Bostin Loyd Cycle:

Being among the initial bodybuilders, Bostin Loyd officially disclosed his supplements or steroid cycle over social media. However, it resulted in receiving negative views and controversial statements.  

So, several well-known brands avoided sponsoring him or providing advertisements for several years. The following are the facts associated with his steroid cycle:

  • 50 Tren A EOD
  • 75 Tren A EOD
  • 100 Primo E EOD
  • 100 Test Prop EOD
  • 250 EQ EOD, and
  • 300 Test Cyp EOD

You may check Bostin Loyd’s YouTube handle and know in-depth information about his steroid cycle, several other supplements, and the reason for Bostin Loyd Death.

What was the primary reason for Bostin Loyd’s demise?

The primary reason for Bostin Loyd’s demise is stated kidney failure since he used potent drugs, including Adipotide or Peptide, that predominantly affect internal organs. In October 2020, Bostin Loyd was diagnosed with kidney failure and was in stage five.

He was 29 when he died on February 25, 2022, leaving behind his son and wife. But, the reason for death has not been disclosed officially. So, you may explore Bostin Loyd’s death reason over the internet.


It is challenging for fans and followers to accept the demise of their beloved bodybuilder, Bostin Loyd. However, people often criticized him due to his disclosure about Bostin Loyd Cycle over social media.

So, several people think that steroids are the main reason for his death. But, kidney failure seems to be the possible reason for his suffering from stage five kidney failure.

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