Chicago Among Us Robbery : Update Patch Notes!

This article is about Chicago Among Us Robbery to help readers know about the gameplay, its unique locations, and attractive features.

Have you ever discovered what it is about the robbery in Among Us gameplay? Ever since summer, when “Among Us” became world-famous, the gameplay has been developing and introducing new elements further than the crew-impostor game. Fresh and intriguing methods to enjoy this investigative gameplay have been discovered by the Roblox community across the United States and other parts of the world.

If you are among the users who want to know about Chicago Among Us Robbery, you may look at the same details.

What is the objective of Robbery in the Among Us gameplay?

When the virus first broke out, the “Among Us” society devised the game of hiding and seek, where the objective is to be the final person to survive. The impostor counts to ten before fleeing to slay. To dodge the attacker, the crew must discover hiding areas. Whenever a meeting is scheduled, impostors will disclose themselves. It is forbidden to sabotage, vent, or report bodies.

Fans of “Among Us” now have a different choice to experience the game as of October 2021. They may appear to be robbers and cops this time. It’s a wonderful way to have a fine experience while playing the gameplay, and it’s better accomplished with buddies.

What is the correct way to play Cops & Robber gameplay in Among Us?

In the “Among Us” minigame Cops & Robbers, only a single impostor plays the role of an officer, whereas the remaining crewmates or players play as robbers. The game’s map would be a jail, and the thieves would have to flee from the cop.

This unique minigame created by the “Among Us” community appears to be somewhat fascinating, with a great enjoyment while playing it. When hiding in a duct, the impersonator will do a brief countdown. As the impostor begins counting, the crew members continue moving or running.

The crewmates must accomplish a few tasks to get out of the prison. But, they cannot conduct any activities until the impostor has completed the timer.

How can crewmates locate the safe zone?

If the impostor or cop catches the crewmates or robbers, the cop will send them to the secured area, where they must remain till another robber catches them and supports them in fleeing the security area.

However, the crewmates would only be secure once they had landed at a secure zone. Over the Among Us maps, there are two specified safe and secure zones. To keep a victim from fleeing, the cop could kill them after every 2 minutes. 

Among Us, gameplay provides three locations, such as Mira HQ, The Skeld, and the Polus.


Unlike many other online games, Among Us has gained impressive popularity in recent years due to its amazing maps, joyful tasks and missions, and several other attractive features. 

Recently, the gameplay was a hot topic over the social media platforms and gaming community due to Chicago Among Us Robbery. 

So, if you are willing to be a part of the thrilling experience of Among Us, you can look at the guide above and discover interesting facts.

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