Chris Rock Slap Game : Explore How This Works!

This topic is Chris Rock Slap Game, new digital gameplay where users can slap Chris Rock and do the activity many times.

Have you heard about the new browser game? Is it associated with Slap Chris Rock? Is the new game enticing users? Have you played the online slap game?

Many users of Wordlwide are thrilled to know about the game where they can slap Chris Rock.

If you are among those users who want to enjoy the slapping game, the article below associated with Chris Rock Slap Game will help you know its details.

Is the slap game associated with Chris Rock?

After Will Smith’s Oscars brawl with a player, Chris Rock, has invented a slapping game named Slap Chris, a Computer web gameplay where gamers may slap Chris Rock.

Tyler Hamilton’s widely basic gameplay allows you to maneuver an emoji as quickly as possible and fling it at a snapshot of Chris Rock. 

A kilometer-per-hour meter changes above the display as you link your hand to Chris Rock’s face, calculating your slapping velocity. You may continue reading to find out more about slap gameplay.

About Slap Chris Rock Game:

Tyler Hamilton created the slap game associated with Chris Rock. 

He is well-known for many other gameplays, including Flappy Bird parody, a Glady Bird that watches Gladys Berejiklian, the former politician of Australia, hunt for a vaccine for Coronavirus.

What was the incident during the Oscars awards?

Chris Rock joked about Smith’s alopecia, Jada Pinkett, a rare disease where individuals lose their hair.

The incident happened while presenting the Best Documentary Award on Mach 27, 2022, at the 94th Academy.

Will Smith came onto the platform and slapped Chris Rock (resulting in Chris Rock Slap Game) while going to his chair, where he then asked that the entertainer must not utter any more comments about his spouse.

What made Chris joke about Will Smith’s wife?

Chris Rock joked about will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, due to her shaved head because of the rare disease she is suffering from.

Once he joked, Will Smith slapped him after receiving the award and returned to his seat, saying he must avoid joking about his wife anymore.

Is Will Smith’s incident widespread?

After Will Smith slapped Chris Rock, the incident at the Oscars awards made headlines and became a recent social media craze.

It then resulted in a new game where the winner is Slap Chris Highest Score, and users can slap Chris Rock in this new online game. The winner of the Slap Chris is decided as per the speed of the slap.

You can try the game, but we do not promote such activities, as it is not fun to slap anyone.


A new game called “Slap Chris” was established. But, slapping as a kind of entertainment should not be taken lightly; this gameplay allows users to shake their palms violently at Chris Rock’s emblem.

Furthermore, the gameplay tracks the pace at which one smacks the entertainer, with the gameplay score being the same km/h.

You can read more about the gameplay associated with Will Smith and check for Chris Rock Slap Game.

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