Coldplay Setlist Review: Read the audience’s viewpoint.

What is the Coldplay Setlist Review? How are the audiences’ experiences visiting this grand live show? Read the article below & gather all updates regarding it.

Did you miss Coldplay’s recent in-person concert? Coldplay has recently created history in Wembley Stadium, located in the United Kingdom, with 2 fully sold-out shows. If you missed this show, here you will get all the gigs related to Coldplay’s concert.

The show was held on the 12th and 13th of August 2022, where visitors experienced fantastic performances and witnessed mind-blowing ambiance.

Let’s know about the Coldplay Setlist Review and more details about the setlist-

Information about the Coldplay recent concert:

It’s been 22 years since the first release of the masterpiece ‘Yellow,’ but you may think that fans overpraised Coldplay if you haven’t listened to their songs. Coldplay is one of the popular British boy bands around the world, recently performing a much-awaited concert in the United Kingdom, which has gained unbelievable praise from global fans.

Every audience got an LED wristband while entering the concert, which instantly transformed the entire audience line into a large oscillating light, making everyone astounded. Even the viewers who have had the concert clip got goosebumps watching and feeling the ambiance created in this concert.

Coldplay wembley Review:

In this setlist, several songs are included, which makes the audience nostalgic. Songs like ‘Viva La Vida,’ ‘Paradice,’ ‘Yellow,’ ‘The Scientist,’ ‘Charlie Brown,’ ‘Fix You,’ etc. created hype among the audiences, where the viewers showed their love and cheered for their favorite band and singer.

Apart from this, the ‘My Universe’ song has created another history, which Coldplay has recorded collaborating with BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan), the Korean boy band. This song has attracted BTS fans, who also cheered Coldplay for performing this song in the live show. The entire stadium was delighted with fans cheering and singing; the evening became one of the most memorable moments for Coldplay’s fans.

Coldplay Setlist Review:  

The recent live show of Coldplay was held in one of the largest stadiums in the UK, Wembley Stadium. It is the national stadium, where football tournaments are held. According to the data, Wembley is considered the second biggest stadium among all European countries. The entire arena can hold upto 90K visitors at a time. And in this stadium, Coldplay again made history on 12th August and 13th August 2022. 

On these 2 nights, the audiences witnessed a mind-blowing live show where around 80K fans were singing along with the bands. Now coming to the Wembley stadium Review, the 2nd largest stadium in Europe has gained outstanding reviews and ratings from the visitors. Regardless of concerts or sports tournaments, this stadium always serves best to the audience. 

On different feedback platforms, this stadium has been rated with more than 4 stars out of 5, and the reviews are positive. People have mentioned that their experience with this stadium never went low or poor.

The Bottomline:

In conclusion, we want to inform our readers and Coldplay’s fans around the globe we have tried to give all the updates available in the media ( More information about Coldplay Setlist Review and similar content will be uploaded next. Is this article helpful? Please mention your reviews in the remarks tab. 

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