Danger Force Henry Among Us: The Fourth Episode!

This article is about Danger Force Henry Among Us, the fourth episode of Danger Force, where many fun-filled characters and gameplay are played.

Do you want to know more details of the fourth episode of Danger Force’s Season 2? A Henry Among Us was premiered on November 13, 2021. Christopher J. Nowak is the writer of the episode, and Mike Caron is the director.

Its previous version is “A Cyborg Among Us”, and the upcoming one is “Krampapalooza.” So if you are among the Among Us players in the United States, Canada, and other parts of the world who are excited about the new launch, this article is ideal.

So, let’s explore this article below and learn what exactly is Danger Force Henry Among Us.

What is Danger Force?

An American comedy television series, Danger Force, was premiered on March 28, 2020, on Nickelodeon and was created by Christopher J. Nowak.

Michael D. Cohen and Cooper Barnes reprise their roles in the series, a remake of Henry Danger. Luca Luhan, Dana Heath, Terrence Little Gardenhigh, and Havan Flores co-star alongside them.

What is Among Us?

Innersloth’s 2018 online multi-player social deduction game Among Us was published and developed in the United States. The Science fiction horror film and the party game Mafia film The Thing were both inspirations.

It is a PEGI 7 rated online multi-player game in which up to ten players can play as an ‘Imposter’ or a ‘Crewmate.’ The goal of this multi-player game is for the Crewmates to figure out who is the game’s Imposters.

What is the plot and main cast of Danger Force Henry Among Us?

After Cyborg Rick Twitler kidnaps ShoutOut and Volt, Henry Hart comes back from Dystopia to save his mates and put an end to the anti-internet cyborg once and for all.

The main cast of Danger Force Henry is as follows:

  • Bose O’Brian is played by Brainstorm- Luca Luhan.
  • Chapa De Silva is played by Volt- Havan Flores.
  • ShoutOut- Dana Heath plays Mika Macklin.
  • Miles Macklin is played by AWOL- Terrence Little Gardenhigh.
  • Ray Manchester is played by Captain Man- Cooper Barnes.
  • Schwoz Schwartz is played by Michael D. Cohen.

Who is the recurring and minor cast of Danger Force Henry?

The recurring cast of Danger Force Henry Among Us  is as follows:

  • Tommy Walker plays drex Stinklebaum.
  • Carrie Barrett plays Mary Gaperman.
  • David Blue plays Rick Twitler.
  • Winston Story plays Trent Overunder.

The minor cast of Danger Force Henry is as follows:

  • Emily Morales-Cabrera plays Gemma.
  • Jace Norman plays Henry Hart.


Part IV: A Danger Force Henry Among Us is another title for this episode. The episode’s advertising picture represents the art piece for Captain America: Civil War. Danger Force features Henry for the third time. It was mentioned that the store Mouth Candy (store) exists. The Man Cave and Junk N’ Stuff were also mentioned.

Hence, you can go through the article above and know its features.

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