DK Oyster Reviews: Read the Matter.

What are the DK Oyster Reviews? Why have the reviews and ratings gone lower? Read the article and get an insight into the reason behind this matter.

Are you inquisitive to know why the reviews and ratings of the DK Oyster Restaurant have become lower?

Recently, the famous restaurant in Platys Gialos has gained unfavorable reviews and low ratings on different review platforms as the latest news regarding DK Oyster has made tourists around the globe, especially in the United Kingdom.

If you want to know the reason for low DK Oyster Reviews and ratings, read the content below.

What is the reason for the negative reviews?

 Recently a couple brought an allegation against DK Oyster that the restaurant lured them and asked them to pay an excessive bill amount. In accordance with the media report, Brenda Moulton had brought the allegation, where she claimed that when Brenda and her daughter Kaylea (19 years old girl) visited this beautiful Platys Gialos, this bar lured them in. 

Branda stated that when they were roaming around this place, an employee suddenly came in front of them and continuously tried to convince them to take a seat in their restaurant, where he charged them 600 Euros.

DK Oyster Mykonos Owner- Who is the owner?

Following our research result, we found that the owner of this bar cum restaurant is Dimitrios Kalamaras. Still, recently his restaurant has been involved with a scam activity, where the customer has claimed that she has been charged wrongly and the amount is huge. Considering the victim’s statement, Moulton specified that she and her daughter were enjoying their mojitos and a crab leg’s plate until the bill came.

Following her information, she got a bill showing the amount of 520.80 Euros, with an additional 80 Euros tip, which was mandatory to pay. So, the total amount is around 600 Euros.

DK Oyster Reviews- What are the netizens’ reactions?

Furthermore, we found that Moulton had brought other allegations where she mentioned that when she denied this lump sum bill amount and inquired why the bit got up that high, she was threatened by the restaurant staff. An employee threatened her that if she didn’t pay the bill, they couldn’t return to their hometown in the United States. Then she decided to pay the bill and left the restaurant.

She also mentioned that when she was awaring other tourists about this scam, the bar boss came out and he would call the police. After this incident came up, DK Oyster Mykonos Reviews went lower. On platforms like, TrustPilot, and, the bar gained 2.5, 2.4, and 2.8 stars, respectively, with negative comments. Netizens have highly protested against this scam and shown support for Moulton. Moreover, people have mentioned that tourists must avoid this restaurant to save money.

Wrapping Up:

Following the sources, Moulton has taken legal steps and filed a police complaint regarding this matter. Moreover, we want to confirm that the details which have been provided in this article are legit and authentic as our team has researched it rigorously; only then we’re providing it. So, ultimately the DK Oyster Reviews have decreased (, where people are seen to protest the matter. Is this article helpful? Please mention it in the comment section.

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