Error GE004 Bienestar Azteca: How to resolve it?

What is the Error GE004 Bienestar Azteca? How to solve the problem? Read the below-written article and garb knowledge about the issue-solving process.

Are you facing any errors while using Bienestar Azteca? Is this web showing any error message when you open it?

The ‘National Scholarship’ program started on 15th July through the Bienestar Azteca platform. However, recently, students of Mexico have reported that they aren’t able to browse this platform as it’s showing some error messages.

In case you’re one of them and facing an issue with accessing this welfare platform, read this article thoroughly as we have come up with every detail of Error GE004 Bienestar Azteca and its solution-

What types of errors are showing on the platform?

In accordance with the report, a number of issues are being faced by Benito Juarez’s beneficiaries, and upper-secondary levels are uploaded on the community media channels. And those issues are primarily-

  • Students of Mexico are claiming that while login they are encountered with a message-‘It’s not possible to log in at this moment.’
  • Some scholars also mentioned that they have a message showing ‘Account Blocked.’
  • Students even encounter an ‘Unable to access the location’ error message.
  • Besides these, ‘Gateway Error 004’ is very common.
  • Few have also faced the message written on it ‘Something Went Wrong’ and ‘Update location after activating GPS.’

Que ES GE004 en Bienestar Azteca- How to solve it?

As we found, the error isn’t one of two, but several different error messages are showing during the opening of the platform. So, we have come up with the solution to the most common error that people are facing during login. Here is the solution-

  • If you’re facing a problem regarding login, you must delete the application from your device.
  • In the next step, reinstall the application on your device.
  • Then, open the application, but before that, you need to turn on the GPS.
  • Now allow the app permission by accepting each requirement.
  • After that, you can fill in the password and username and open the application.

Error GE004 Bienestar Azteca- Solution for other common issues:

Apart from login error, the geolocation error is one of the common issues. But now, with the below step, you can easily fix it.

Step 1: Enter the setting panel of your phone and click on the Azteca application to accept all the required app permission.

Step 2: To allow the permission, you have to enable the switches available inside the permission tab.

Step 3: In this step, switching on GPS is needed.

Step 4: Now open the application one more time and check if the error is still present or not.

Generally, after doing the above steps, the ‘Que ES GE004 en Bienestar Azteca’ will be resolved. Moreover, for the ‘Blocked Account’ issue, you need to visit the officials to get the outline of this error.

This welfare platform needs to run smoothly as with the help of this application, Benito Juarez’s beneficiaries will receive 840 USD per month (1680 USD) for June- July semester.

Wrapping Up:

Here are some effective process details regarding the error in the Azteca application( You can use these tricks to resolve the issue; if these remain, contact the authority. More updates about Error GE004 Bienestar Azteca will be available in our next article. Is this blog useful? Please say in the comment box.

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