Fossils Last Stand Racist: Check out the matter.

What has happened to Fossils Last Stand owner? What is the Fossils Last Stand Racist matter? Read the article so that you can find out all the information.

What happened with the ‘Fossils Last Stand’ Lyft driver? Has a video gone viral recently regarding ‘Fossils Last Stand’?

Do you want to know about the video that went viral recently? If ‘Yes,’ stop searching the internet as you’ve browsed the right page to get all the updates regarding this recent viral news.

Recently, a social media video received millions of views in the United States and Canada, where a passenger was seen making racist comments. Let’s know more about Fossils Last Stand Racist

About the news:

On 15th May 2022 (Sunday), according to the viral video, the authority holder of ‘Fossils Last Stand Bar,’ loaded at Catasauqua, booked the car ride for herself. Following the statement made by the driver, when the car came to that location, Carl Harford, the owner of that bar, got inside. After getting inside, she made a ‘Racist Comment,’ where she had been seen to say whether the driver was a white guy or not.

And this entire communication went viral on Sunday after it’s been uploaded on social media. Let’s dig out more about it and the reviews.

Fossils Last Stand Review:

This video, which comprises the entire conversation of that driver and Carl Harford, after uploading it on the social media Facebook. This video has also been uploaded on Twitter and both platforms (Facebook and Twitter); it has received millions of views from global netizens, especially from Australia and the United Kingdom.

It’s been observed that people have rated the bar with a ‘1-star’ rating and negative on several platforms. In the review section, you can see several negative comments and reactions. Even netizens have commented that people should avoid this bar. 

Fossils Last Stand Racist- More about it:

In accordance with the source information, after the incident has happened, the driver cancels the booked ride as well as he also asks the owner to get off his car. Along with this, the driver makes another comment after hearing racist remarks, where he mentioned that in case the car driver isn’t a white guy, does this make any difference. 

Plus, from the video source, it’s clearly revealed that the driver also addressed a person name-Jackie. This person has booked the ride on behalf of the owner. According to Fossils Last Stand Review and video source, that person isn’t visible; however, it’s been revealed that Jackie has filmed the entire situation, which goes viral on social media. 

Racism can’t be accepted as it deteriorates society’s culture and the way of thinking humans. So, in the reviews, people have commented unfavorable words against the bar and bar owner. Plus, they are surprised at how the bar owner brings racism to this kind of situation.

Wrapping Up:

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