Free Message Your Bill Is Paid For March : Read Know!

This article contains essential information about a recent Free Message Your Bill Is Paid For March that claims to offer a free Apple watch.

Do you often get messages from a number similar to yours? Many individuals received messages from a number similar to theirs.

Several Verizon consumers across the United States received messages asking them to go to the link to get a reward.

Did you also receive a message stating that Free Message Your Bill Is Paid For March? you can check what this message is all about through the post below.

What is Verizon’s statement about the spam texts?

The airline claims that it is collaborating with law enforcement to end the text messages.

In an e-mail statement, a Verizon spokesperson stated that Verizon is informed that unscrupulous individuals deliver fraudulent text messages to a few users from the consumers’ phone numbers.

It also stated that its staff is working hard to counter and block spam messages and have partnered with the law authorities of the U.S for the message that says. : Your Bill Is Paid For March Text Message.” 

Is Verizon taking action against the spam messages?

Verizon partnered with the law authorities to track and shut down the source of spam messages.

Many Verizon users received messages with the URLs included that direct to the consumer survey question from Verizon.

The message states that it thanks Verizon’s users for consistently paying bills for Verizon on time. 

It asks its users to answer some queries about their recent experience with Verizon’s consumer services.

But, you must not believe in such a message stating to complete the survey associated with Verizon.

What is Free Message Your Bill Is Paid For March?

The message claiming to send from Verizon states that the timely payment is now rewarded by Verizon and offers its users an Apple Series watch for free.

The spam messages also include a link to head to a short survey, encouraging users to complete it as quickly as feasible.

Also, it states that this beautiful opportunity is accessible to Verizon users only for the current day.

What made spammers do such fraudulent activity?

The increase in fraudulent messages received by mobile device consumers came after the government of the U.S.S intensified its struggle against automated calls.

So, several Verizon users received a message stating Your Bill Is Paid For March Text Message.

Last year, the Communications Commission of the U.S. Federal required cable and phone companies to install a technology named Shaken or Stir.

It means to reduce fraudulent calls, and this shift has prompted crooks to look for new ways to defraud mobile phone customers.


Fraudulent messages like the ones received by Verizon users are one of the several types of scamming where spammers take advantage of an internal error to acquire sensitive data, usually by exploiting a victim’s lack of technological knowledge.

So, even though the communication appears valid, such as Free Message Your Bill Is Paid For March from your contact details, you must verify the sender’s origin to confirm its trustworthiness.

Always inform the authorities before clicking on the spam links or suspicious messages.

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