Gcash 20th Anniversary : Get All Details Below!

This topic is about Gcash 20th Anniversary to help readers know about the recent fraudulent activity by scammers and help them avoid such fraudsters.

Have you received an invite associated with GASH’s celebration? Is the Anniversary celebration survey a fake or scam?

Several users across the Philippines and other parts of the world have recently experienced a scam associated with the 20th Anniversary of GCASH. 

This article is about Gcash 20th Anniversary and its facts and the recent scam.

Which scam is associated with the 20th Anniversary of GCASH?

Scammers are on the upswing once more, and the recent one is the scam associated with the 20th Anniversary of GCASH. It is among the most recent scams to hit social media pages, particularly Facebook and app messaging services.

The 20th-anniversary scam of GCASH, like any other, invites you to participate in exchange for receiving a large sum of money. It’s a questionnaire or survey with a fake link that invites you to participate and win money.

What is the Gcash 20th Anniversary scam?

It’s a phishing communication, an uninvited invitation to participate in the GCASH 20th-anniversary celebration. The following are the specifics of the fraud.

The scammers send a link stating that you can tap on the link to enter and participate in the 20th Anniversary survey of GCASH.

It also states that you will get an opportunity to win 7000 Peso if you complete the GCASH survey.

What does the message associated with GCASH’s 20th Anniversary?

The message includes a web link that leads to an unfamiliar URL. As per the report, clicking on the fraud link will take you to a survey or questionnaire that will require you to fill in the form with your OTP and MPIN. 

Besides the facts above of Gcash 20th Anniversary, you must request the 7000 Php or Peso “Prize” before you would claim it. 

Also, it asks you to spread it or share it with twenty friends or five groups, overwhelming social media with fraudulent messages in the hopes of finding a new victim.

Are users reporting of 20th Anniversary scam of GCASH?

According to former victims of the poll scams, the survey intends to breach or steal your GCASH profile, such as the money in your GCASH account.

Kindly note that the invite message will be sent over Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. If you see such messages, you should not click them or share the Gcash 20th Anniversary scam link it contains.

How to avoid GCASH Anniversary scam?

You should not participate in or respond to bogus surveys or follow the link received in a personal message that asks you to log in to the GCash account, specifically if it isn’t from the official website of GCash.

You need to call the assistance hotline at help.gcash.com or visit the GCASH Facebook page if you need further information.

Staying away from the 20th Anniversary scam of GCASH will help prevent getting trapped in fraudulent activities.

Final Verdict:

Several individuals get trapped in online scams due to the rise of scammers and fraudulent activities.

Scammers usually utilize notable names of the companies to trap innocent individuals, as is the case with the GCASH scam.

Gcash 20th Anniversary is a recent scam that tries to trap people to hack their Gcash account and the money saved in it.

Hence, you must avoid this scam and report it to the concerned Gcash authorities.

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