Goperya com Platform Play: is it safe to use?

What is the Goperya com Platform Play? How can anyone participate in the games and activities? Read this informative blog to grab knowledge about it.

Recently, an online platform has been on-trend, making people gaga over this website. Are you getting impatient to know about the website? Check out the entire write-up.

But before starting exploring, we wonder if you have heard about the Goperya com Platform. In case you’re not aware of this platform, we must say it’s a new digital site that has been getting thousands of daily traffic from only the Philippines.  

However, have you ever thought about Goperya com Platform Play authenticity? Let’s find out.

Introduction of Goperya com Platform:

It’s a digital media where people can enter to take part in different betting-based activities and sports. The betting can only be made if there are at least 2 players present. It means 2 players are eligible to bet and participate in different activities, competing with others. The process of participation is very easy and simple; to take part, you just have to make an account on this platform. After making the account, you can see different sports and betting eligibility, and following that, you will be able to play activities.

Goperya com- Is it legit?

Checking legitimacy is mandatory for any newly made website, and when it comes to betting platforms, this checking becomes more crucial. Well, without further ado, let us find out some unknown aspects of this website.

  • Trust Index Point: According to our investigation and available information, unfortunately, we’re not able to fetch its trust score.
  • Created On: This platform was created this January (11th January 2022); therefore, it’s too new.
  • Alexa Rank: Following the premium checker, the rank is very low. It has ranked 2074705 on Alexa.
  • Expiry Date: It is ’11th January 2022.’
  • Location: California, United States.
  • Traffic: Most of the daily traffic comes from the Philippines.

Goperya com Platform Play- Some feature details:

  • URL of the Site: Anyone can open the site by heading to the ‘‘ official URL. 
  • Web Host: There is no particular web hosting company name. However, it’s revealed that the website is hosted by the cloud-based host company- Cloudflare, INC.
  • IP Address: In accordance with the information available in Whois data, its IP address is ‘,’ which is based in California.
  • Category: This platform can be categorized as a ‘Log In’ category, which means people need to log in to enter the site.
  • Domain Registrar Name: The Go is powered by the famous ‘NameCheap, INC.’ 
  • Server Name: The server names are ‘’ and ‘’

More about this platform:

This platform is making people crazy as it has come with exciting betting-based games. However, checking its features and internal aspects like trust score, it seems not to be authentic. 

Wrapping Up:

We can assume that we have provided enough information about this website. Additionally, following the sources (, anyone can participate in the Goperya com Platform Play games for free and place bets. Does this blog help you to get accurate information regarding this platform? Please mention it in the comment section. 

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