Gun Buyback Program Canada: Know the Price List.

What is the news about the Gun Buyback Program Canada? How much money has been allotted for each type of banned firearm? Please read the blog and learn about it.

Recently a payback program will be launched in Canada for firearms that the Government has banned.

The news regarding the payback program for banned firearms has become viral nationwide, while people are searching to accumulate authentic information like what the Government has planned and the compensation amount etc.

If you’re interested in knowing the Gun Buyback Program Canada details thoroughly, read the passage below and get insights into the whole matter and the newest updates.

A brief about the program:

Following the Government’s side, the ‘Federal Government’ has revealed that they’re planning to begin a program where gun owners will be paid for their banned firearms. In addition, the Government is recently planning how much money they should pay for different models of prohibited firearms. 

Moreover, from the recent updates, it is unveiled that on 28th July 2022 (Thursday), the ‘Public Safety Canada‘ has published the entire price list, which reveals how much money gun owners can get under this Governmental program. 

Canada Gun Buyback Price List- A complete details:

Below you will get the thorough details of the declared amount for a total of 11 types of banned firearms-

  • 1337 USD has been allotted M16, AR15, and AR10 rifles like AR firearms.
  • The Government has allowed 1317 USD Beretta Cx4Storm.
  • 2612 USD is for M14 rifle owners.
  • 6209 USD has been alloted for SG551-carbine and SG550 rifle.
  • 1139 US Dollar Vz-58 rifles.
  • 1407 USD is for RugerMini14 rifle owners.
  • 1291 USD CZ-ScorpionEVO3 pistol, CZ-Scorpion and EVO3 carbine pistol.
  • 2684 USD has been declared for those firearms having a 20 MM diameter or greater than that.
  • 2819 USD has been allotted to those firearms which have the capability of discouraging energy more than 10K Joules.  

Gun Buyback Program Canada- More details:

Following more information, compensation amount has been declared depending on how much owners spent their money to buy it before the changed policy by Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister, which was proclaimed in 2019 under a campaign. Furthermore, the Federal-Government has been searching for official input from businesses, firearms owners, and gun industries regarding this declared compensation. As the information revealed, Marco Mendicino, the ‘Public-Safety Minister,’ has mentioned that the campaign has started to give legit payment to the owners while making the nation firearms free.

Again, coming to the Firearms Buyback Program details, we observed in the official notification that the Government had begun an digital survey campaign for owners interested in claiming the compensation. Also, when the consultation time will be over, the Government has mentioned that the officials will contact the owners to pay the money.

Wrapping Up:

This announcement has generated immense gossip throughout the nation, while everyone is wondering how to fill out the survey form and wanting to know the price list( Here, we have given a thorough checklist for our readers. More information regarding Gun Buyback Program Canada will be notified in the upcoming article. Is this article helpful? Please convey your opinion in the remarks box.

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