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This article is about Hilda and Jesse Reviews to let our viewers know about the restaurant’s mistake done recently and their apologies made to the authorities.

Do you like the delicacies of Hida and Jesse? Are you its regular customer? Then, we will let you know the complete details of this restaurant.

Hilda and Jesse is an all-day and breakfast restaurant in San Francisco’s North Beach district, United States. The idea came from chefs and co-founders Rachel Sillcocks and Kristina Liedags Compton’s successful Brunch for Dinner pop-ups. 

However, you must check Hilda and Jesse Reviews before planning a meal in this restaurant setting.

What are Hilda and Jesse?

Hida and Jesse is a restaurant famous for everyday meals, specifically breakfast. Many people love to visit this breakfast and all-day meals. 

Breakfast and morning delicacies have always been their signature dish of the day, and they both are delighted to use Hilda and Jesse to discover and express their opinions.

Do Hilda and Jesse organize events?

Though Hilda and Jesse predominantly serve lunch, they have purposefully designed the facility for evening community involvement, catering, and private events. 

However, you must go through Hilda and Jesse Reviews before planning an event or meals at the restaurant.

They also intend to give back by up-and-coming and inviting artists to conduct the experiment, play around, and pop-ups with their ideas. You must contact Hida and Jesse to know further details.

Why did Hilda and Jesse’s owners apologize?

Hida and Jesse, a San Francisco-based restaurant setting, received a slew of terrible opinions when it hit the headlines in the United States for ordering uniformed officers to leave because the availability of guns made employees uneasy.

Recently, three uniformed officers were seated at Hilda and Jesse, a breakfast restaurant in the North Beach of the city’s neighbourhood. Still, employees were uneasy with the availability of “several firearms” immediately afterwards, according to the eatery.

Hilda and Jesse Reviews:

“All I want to know about this restaurant is that they refused law enforcement as they were in uniform,” a reviewer stated.

Another reviewer stated that I am never going to the restaurant. When you’re being looted, don’t contact the police. Do not even act hypocritically.

I am excited for you to close your doors. You are an embarrassment and throwing officers out, wrote another reviewer.

Hence, Hilda and Jesse’s owners apologized for the incident that made them receive poor comments and ratings.

However, as per the NBC Bay Area, the Hilda and Jesse’s owners visited the central station’s police department authorities this weekend to discuss the incident. Over the weekend, Hilda and Jesse’s Yelp page was deluged with scathing one-star user’s reviews.


Please go through Hilda and Jesse Reviews for information about the restaurant’s mistake. The Hilda and Jesse’s webpage had a one-star rating and over 460 reviews by Sunday morning, December 5, 2021.

As per Hilda and Jesse’s Instagram profile, the choice was made with the best interests of the employees in view.

They also stated that they appreciate and respect the San Francisco Police Department’s work. They invite them into the eatery while they are off-duty, out of their police uniform, and without their guns or weapons.

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