How to Get Refund From Credit Card If Scammed? Show Details

This guide is about How to Get Refund From Credit Card If Scammed to help you understand How and following various measures to avoid them.

Have you ever been defrauded online? What happens if someone is a victim of a credit card scam? One of the most horrifying messages or alerts for users is when they receive it from their bank stating a transaction they did not make. 

Have you ever experienced receiving such messages from your banking officials? Whether it is associated with mistakenly charged transactions, duplicate charges, or fraudulent charges, several instances exist when users across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and worldwide are trapped in credit card scams. 

The most worrying query asked is How to Get Refund From Credit Card If Scammed? Let’s go through the details below and discover how to get a credit card refund if you experience a scam.

What exactly is a credit card scam?

A credit card scam or fraud is a theft activity where cybercriminals or scammers shop for products through the victims’ credit cards. Any credit card holder may experience it worldwide with a physical credit card, PIN or account number, or a new account of your credit card operated using the victims’ name without their knowledge or permission.

When they get access to the victims’ physical credit card or the credit card account, they immediately begin the charges and forward the credit card bill to the victim and the credit card company. Do you want to know How to Get Refund From Credit Card If Scammed?

However, credit card companies constantly create new tricks and methods to help avoid and prevent its customers from unauthorized credit card utilization. They are aware of such fraudulent activities and scams to help you understand 

Which types of credit card frauds and scams exist?

Several cybercriminals and scammers utilize advanced and modern technologies to obtain PINS and numbers of credit cards. They usually use tried-to-true and tested tricks and techniques to carry out the fraudulent practices. Here we have compiled a list of a few most prevalent kinds of credit card frauds and scams.

Account Overtake – Fraudsters usually encounter credit card companies. They then use the owner’s personal information to manage passwords, PINs, and email addresses to maintain control of the account you will never regain. As a result, you should establish a verbal passcode that are not recorded or detailed anywhere, and that could help avoid future credit card password fraud and know that How to Get Refund From Credit Card If Scammed?

Card Cloning – Equipment known as skimmers are equipped and installed over the card readers found at store sales hubs to allow fraudsters to capture the card number once customers swipe their credit cards at these terminals. They then generate a clone or duplicate card for illicit or illegal purposes. Hence, it would help if you used EMV-compliant chips to avoid such incidents.

Card Robbery – Retrieving a credit card from a pocket or victims’ handbag is a widespread method of obtaining a credit card. Besides, swiping the new credit card from the email inbox is another common method of card fraud. Hence, if a new card is released and you did not receive it even after the shipment of the card, notify the credit card company immediately.

How to get a refund from the credit card if scammed?

  • Contact the bank or the company that issued you the credit card.
  • You have to tell that particular company about the fraudulent charge.
  • You have to ask them to reverse the transaction to get your refund.

How to avoid credit card scams?

You must pay attention when you process any payment on the merchant’s site, as a few of them are most likely to be involved in fraudulent practices. Going through the customers’ reviews of the online platform you are dealing with will help you know the authenticity of the portal and learn How to Get Refund From Credit Card If Scammed. Besides, protect your digital wallets, PINs, and passwords for additional security measures. Also, never allow every application to read the personal information or the data of your device.

If you receive a message or notification about the rewards, you must check the details properly or check with the concerned bank to prevent clicking on the malware links or the links of suspicious sites.

What to do if trapped in a scam?

Specific laws vary according to the country you live in to help you raise the complaint when required. If you ever get scammed, cheated, or discover suspicious activity, you can follow the below-mentioned measures to check How to Get Refund From Credit Card If Scammed?

  • USA- You may reach the respective company and request the details. Upon non-response for a week or rejection, you may register a complaint to the credit card company and wait until the investigation is done. Your refund is initiated if you are innocent.  

  • UK- Under the CCAL’s section 75, users may request a refund by giving the authorities the essential proof.
  • India- According to RBI, the victim may opt for an FIR and give its copy to the bank. The investigation is done after the submission. The amount is refunded if the victim is found innocent. However, it is challenging to get a refund if you file a complaint after 80 days.
  • Australia- Victims may ask the company if they experience fraud and request chargeback and then visit the bank. Users may register a dispute with the assistance of AFCA if the associated company rejects the request.
  • Canada- You may file a dispute in the merchandise and the bank directly and wait until the investigation is done. Your chances of getting the refund are higher if you provide the transaction information to the bank.


Recently, the trend of online shopping and using portals for all your needs and requirements has increased rapidly. It has resulted in an increased number of fraudulent activities too. 

Scammers often discover new ways and use advanced technologies to trap people using credit cards for online transactions or steal their physical credit cards. How to Get Refund From Credit Card If Scammed? 

However, following certain precautions explained in the guide above will help you avoid getting trapped in a credit card scam.

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