How to Get Refund from Paypal 2021 Guidelines

This article is about How to Get Refund from Paypal to help you know a few ways to get a complete refund from PayPal.

Did you ever get scammed while making a transaction through PayPal? You don’t need to worry about your transaction amount. You can see several money transfer services on digital platforms to transact easily and quickly, but your money gets stuck when you are trapped in a scam.

Several users across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and other world areas often get stuck when they pay the amount using PayPal. It is because they get scammed through the fraudulent platforms created temporarily for hacking money. 

The article below will help you know how to get refund from Paypal if you ever get scammed.

Do you get a refund from PayPal if you are scammed?

One of the most prominent virtual money transfer services, PayPal has over 300 million active users throughout the world. PayPal does not require an introduction as its fame is well-versed in masses.

Wherever there is the transaction of money, you will find scammers around it. It just takes a while that people make payment for a product that never gets delivered. However, it is significant to know what PayPal and you can do in such cases to get a refund.

How to get a refund from PayPal

  • Visit PayPal’s resolution center
  • Click on “report a problem.”
  • You have 180 days from when you make the transaction to claim a refund.
  • After opening a particular dispute for a refund, you have 20 days to contact the seller through PayPal.
  • If your problem is not solved, you have to visit the “resolution center”  again and click on the “view” button.
  • Then you have to “escalate to PayPal.” After all these steps, PayPal will investigate, and if your claim is legitimate, you will get a refund.

What does the refund policy of PayPal state?

When you purchase a product through PayPal, you have a few option to get your amount refunded. PayPal provides the Purchase Protection Program to help you obtain your amount back if there is an issue. The availability of this PayPal’s plan is available only for those who use it for buying. However, if your use PayPal for transferring money to your relatives or friend, there is no option to get the money refunded.

Besides, PayPal has several tools available for the users to help them solve their issues associated with refunds if they are scammed or dissatisfied.

Which tools are provided by PayPal?

PayPal offers a few below-mentioned tools specifically designed for people who get scammed while making payments through PayPal.

One hundred eighty days money refund policy: When you pay for anything through PayPal, and it does not turn up, or you strongly doubt scam, you are perhaps allowed to cancel the transaction yourself. Do you want to know that How to Get Refund from Paypal. You can opt for this option until your money transaction is in the queue and your money transfer is still in the process. In this case, you are allowed to cancel the transaction through your PayPal’s activity screen by tapping on the Cancel tab that appears beside the product in doubt or question. However, if you don’t receive the payment within thirty days, the amount transferred is subjected to refund to the same account used while transferring.

However, mostly all money transactions are processed faster; this tool may not be accessible when you require it the most. In such situations, PayPal advises communicating with the associated seller directly and requesting your refund amount. Besides, PayPal offers you to question your transactions and demand a refund near to 180 days after the purchase date.

Purchase Protection from PayPal: How to Get Refund from Paypal? The refund policy of PayPal is part of the company’s safety guarantee for buyers that involve dispute resolution, fraud protection, and security of personal details. PayPal’s policy is extremely helpful if users come to terms with fraudsters.

According to the Purchase Protection plan of PayPal, shoppers are safe if and only they meet the following conditions or criteria: 

  • When users discover unauthorised charges on their account. 
  • When users never get the product they bought.
  • When users’ orders or the products are delivered, they are significantly dissimilar from what they ordered.

In such situations, PayPal ensures that users get the complete refund or reimbursement along with the shipping charges they paid for. So, you should submit a disagreement within the specified 180-day timeframe or sixty days if the costs were unauthorized. However, the Purchase protection Plan or Program of PayPal does not cover multiple products or transactions, 

Opening a Disagreement or Dispute to Get a PayPal Scam Reimbursement: If you tried communicating or notifying the seller but were unsuccessful, you should register a dispute via PayPal’s Resolution Center. How to Get Refund from Paypal? The process to submit a dispute to PayPal involves the following steps in the procedure:

  • In a web browser, navigate to the Resolution Center page.
  • Sign in using your PayPal login information.
  • Tap on the Report a Problem tab.
  • Choose the problematic transaction and tap on the Continue tab.
  • Go for the most appropriate reason for your claim.
  • Tap on the complaint tab.

As of now, opening or filing disputes would be only probable on PayPal’s online platform and not in the PayPal application. If the vendor is still uncommunicative after twenty days, you could indeed raise a ticket to a complaint and request that PayPal intervene. It is also accomplished through the Resolution Center, and when completed, PayPal will inspect and have up to thirty days to determine if or not to refund your money.

Can you use Chargebacks or DoNotPay tools to get a refund from PayPal?

Chargebacks and DoNotPay are a few of the most effective tools that may help you quickly get a refund from PayPal if your amount is stuck due to fraudulent activity.


Have you ever experienced fraudulent activity while making transactions through PayPal? How to Get Refund from Paypal? Are you worried that you won’t get back your money from PayPal due to a scam? 

It would help if you did not worry anymore because we have come up with a few solutions that would help solve your money refund issue from PayPal. The guide above will help you follow the steps or use the tools if you want a refund from PayPal. 

However, PayPal has certain conditions and criteria that you must meet to file a dispute or get a complete refund from PayPal.