Hurdle NFL Wordle : Read Authentic The Details!

This article is about Hurdle NFL Wordle to help viewers know about the new launch of five-letter gameplay.

Do you need a game to pass your time joyfully? Have you heard about a new game called Hurdle?

Hurdle’s five-letter game is loved by many users and players across the United States, Canada, and other world areas.

So, let’s find what the Hurdle NFL Wordle gameplay is all about and how to play it easily.

What exactly is Hurdle gameplay?

The Hurdle is five-letter gameplay associated with Buffalo Bills football. It is modeled after Wordle, the web’s popular word game noted for its once-a-day puzzles and colorful boxes.

Since its launch on Friday, March 11, 2022, a 30-year-old software engineer and Bills fan, Hans Hansen, has been startled by the game’s success.

He is blown away to find how many individuals enjoyed it and noticed the site’s traffic, and figured about 250 individuals and over 1,300 people on the first day. Besides, a considerable number of individuals enjoyed Hurdle and played it swiftly.

How to play the Hurdle Wordle Game?

Colors are used as input in the game, similar to Wordle, to let you understand whether you’re heating up. For example, red implies you discovered a letter from the given word, but the spot is incorrect, and blue implies your letter has a correct position.

When you have solved the puzzle, you may share your solution with colored squares, much like the original. The words are all “Bills,” Wordle is all the offered words. Several five-letter names of gamers are there, and many five-letter football terminologies are there.

Also, a few Buffalo-specific things are there in Hurdle NFL Wordle.

What distinguishes the game from others?

Hansen claims that he included a few Easter eggs in the gameplay that players will enjoy hunting out. For instance, Hurdle will not let you type in a famous Patriots legend’s five-letter surname.

An error notice appears when you type B-R-A-D-Y, and also, you can’t enter or type surnames. So, as anyone knows about buffalo, these words should be avoided.

How many words does Hans Hansen have?

Hans has over 150 words saved up for the upcoming gameplays, but he says his Twitter Messages are available if you have any suggestions for Hurdle Wordle Game. Every night at 07:00 p.m., the gameplay is reset.

All such endeavors are something that Hans enjoys doing and will not go away anytime soon. On the contrary, he stated that he would continue going and adding the words.

What is Hans’ profession?

Hans Hansen also assisted in operating Albany’s McGeary‘s Irish Pub at Bill Backers Pub. he created the gameplay in approximately a week’s spare time.

Even though he considered the game a “brilliant” idea, he isn’t a great Wordle player himself and has many gaming buddies.

“Allen” was the game’s initial response, which might’ve been predictable. But instead, the game’s logo depicts quarterback Josh Allen hurdling an opponent.


Hurdle NFL Wordle, five-letter gameplay, has recently emerged over the online platform, where users may guess the letter to form a word.

The gameplay was created by Hans Hansen, who created it in his spare time. He also has about 150 words in stock for his upcoming games.

So, you may check Hurdle online and enjoy creating five-letter words.

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