Is Hustlers University a Scam? Know the answer.

Is Hustlers University a Scam? Should people use this site to make passive income? You can grab all the details in this blog, as it holds all the updates.

Are you aware of the scam news related to Hustlers University? What is the actual matter? Are you afraid of enrolling yourself in this university? All answers are given in this blog.

Hustlers University is now a trending topic in Australia and the United Kingdom like countries as it gives people opportunities to earn money. 

However, Is Hustlers University a Scam? What is users’ feedback? Read the below article and fetch out the details regarding this matter-

Is the university site a scam?

In accordance with our in-depth research, we found out that some platforms have declared this site a legit site and safe to use. Platforms like ‘,’ ‘’ etc. have mentioned that this university site is legit, which opens an opportunity for passive income. Through this platform, people can earn a decent amount of money after completing the task. Following the details available on the internet, this program is created, which is operated by the ‘Discord’ server.

Is Hustlers University a Pyramid Scheme?

Considering the information, this site was crafted and launched by ‘Andrew Cobra Tate.’ The site launching date is 2021. We found that the channel has 140K members, available on the Discord platform. It’s a community channel, and the members have learnt from the professors Mr. Tate has selected. 

Now, coming to the question- we checked the platform and found that the Pyramid scheme isn’t a scam. This scheme can help people to learn how to earn money passively. Therefore, we can’t consider that this university’s pyramid scheme is not legit.  

Is Hustlers University a Scam?- More details:

If you search this university’s site, you will find this site is based in the United States, and as mentioned in the above section- the creator is Andrew Tate, who is a famous kickboxer. Moreover, you can also see that, on this platform, the users have the chance to access different types of activities and learn from them. They can access digital marketing services, analyze the crypto market, enjoy games, etc.

Following the news, the platform offers an earning opportunity, which you can’t get by doing any shortcuts. Here you have to follow the rules and play decently to earn money. Following our research on ‘Is Hustlers University a Pyramid Scheme,’ we observed that after registering, users get a bunch of quiz questions, which they need to answer correctly. If they answer those questions with a correct answer, they can earn a pretty decent amount. However, in this case, also no shortcuts or scams will not be tolerated. Thus, users need to play with legit ways, taking time and this matter seriously.

Wrapping Up:

Several passive money-earning platforms are available on the internet, and the majority of them are scams. However, following the Reddit comments, this Hustlers University site is legit, which helps people get insight into different earning path. So, Is Hustlers University a Scam? No, the site is safe; however, you must check it before using it. Is this blog helpful? Kindly say in the remarks section.

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