Kpop Concert Accident: Know All Updates.

What is the matter about the Kpop Concert Accident? What has happened to the K-Pop band? Please read the entire article and check all the newest updates about it.

Are you a fan of Korean Pop or K-Pop? Do you stand for some particular groups? This blog is highly recommended if your favorite band list has a ‘Mirror’ group name.

Recently, in Asian Pop culture, viral news has been circulated rigorously, and all media is featuring only one piece of information, the Kpop Concert Accident.

The accident happened with the Mirror band in their recent concert in China, which has made the Mirror fans around the globe, primarily from the United States, worried. Let’s know about it-

What accident has happened with Mirror?

Recently there has been news regarding the Mirror band accident, leaving their fans worried. The report says a minimum of 5 people have got injured, and three people have been hospitalized due to severe injury, which occurred at the recent concert held in Hong Kong.

The information reveals that on 28th July 2022, at the time of the performance of the Mirror band in the Coliseum of Hong Kong, the large LED monitor fell, leading to this accident.

How to Go to a Kpop Concert?

If K-Pop songs come first when you listen to music, then maybe your primary query would be how to attend the K-Pop concert. Here we want to inform you that you can check various official websites where you buy official tickets like Ticketmaster, Weverse, etc. platform. After securing the ticket, other headaches like how to cheer your favorite idol, show them your love, etc., might come to your mind.

For that, you can learn fan chants (the particular cheering speech) or buy official merch like t-shirts and hats and wear them to the concert. Next, know the venue, reach there before the time, and seamlessly enter the show.

Kpop Concert Accident- More about it?

As declared in the early paragraph, the accident happened due to the sudden fall of the giant LED screen on the Mirror dancers. After this incident, Ahfa Wong, the manager of this band, went to the stage just after the incident and made an apology to the audience for canceling the remaining show. According to the prior report, this incident isn’t the first time. During the Mirror’s tour in China, Hong Kong, which was held in the Coliseum, one of the band members (Frankie Chen) slipped off the stage while providing his speech on 26th July 2022.

Moreover, in ‘How to Go to a Kpop Concert?’- we have mentioned that you need to visit the official web portal to find the ticket as it’s the most legit and reliable way to buy it. Never depend on third-party sellers, as there is no guarantee that you will get genuine service.

Wrapping Up:

K-Pop is ruling the world of music, gaining millions and billions of fans around the globe, like in the Philippines. However, the recent news about the Mirror band ( injury incident made all Mirror fans worried. In this blog, we have given all the notifications and updates on Kpop Concert Accident. Is this article useful for you? Please mention your opinion in the comment section.

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