La Brea Car Crash: Know About It.

What is the news about the La Brea Car Crash? Has anyone been injured due to this tragic incident? Please read the blog below and find out all the updates about it.

A deadly car crash that took 5 lives yesterday horrified United States citizens. Today we have again come with a viral accident in Los Angeles on 4th August 2022. 

If you’ve missed out on the current updates, read this blog below as we’ll discover the tragic La Brea Car Crash that causes death and severe injury. Let’s dig out the current situation and the latest information about this matter.

An outline of the tragic accident in the USA:

According to the news, a car crash occurred on 4th August 2022, leaving 5 dead on the spot and the remaining people severely injured. Of these 5 people who were dead, a pregnant woman and an infant were also there, lost their precious life. Additionally, the report confirmed that 8 people got seriously injured due to this tragic accident on La Brea & Slauson avenues. Furthermore, the fire department of Los Angeles county responded around 1.40 pm. 

Accident on la Brea Today- What is the update?

Following the statement of officer ‘France Pepi’ the spokesperson of the ‘California Highway Patrol’ 3 adults, which includes a pregnant woman as well as an infant, lost their precious lives in this tragic incident. Moreover, later the authorities identified another person inside one of the cars which collided in this accident. However, that person’s identity, like gender, age and other details, is unknown. 

Again the report revealed that the pregnant woman’s unborn baby also lost his or her life, which has been counted (by CHP) as another fatality because of the rare circumstances. Again the injured 8 people were transferred to ‘Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in the United States for emergency treatment.

La Brea Car Crash:

Following the updates, the authority mentioned that out of 8 people, 6 are teenagers, and one has been in critical condition. Now coming to the reason for this tragic incident- in accordance with the official report, the surveillance camera recorded the incident, when a Mercedes-Benz was seen barreling down with rushing speed, slamming a car in the intersection area as dozens of vehicles crossed in this section.

Moreover, the car ran the red light and then slammed the car; after that crash, the car caught fire. After the La Brea Accident, the ground of this particular area burned off due to the fire. Again one witness mentioned that when she was going out from the ‘United Oil’ gas station, the Mercedes-Benz car came to her car at full speed and slammed into her car, and the Mercedes-Benz was already caught fire. Again she mentioned that she was in fear that this crash would cause a gasoline-fueled blast. Also the investigation revealed that the driver of this Mercedes-Benz was responsible for this accident.

Wrapping Up:

We must inform you that the above information is given by checking the reliable sources(, which revealed that the La Brea Car Crash caused 5 people dead and 8 people injured. More detail will be posted in the coming articles. Is this article helpful? Please mention it in the comment box.

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