Lewdle Answer March 21 : Read Know Play Game Details!

This topic is about Lewdle Answer March 21 to help online word game enthusiasts know the clue and the answer.

Are you looking for variants of Wordle? An NSFW, Lewdle is another form of Wordle in which players have six attempts to gpredictuess the 5-letter phrase of each day. 

Although it lacks foreshadowing, your ideas display tiny signals. Once users across the United Kingdom, United States, and other parts of the world assume the accurate solution, the tile turns a different color, providing additional details of the latest word puzzle.

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Is Lewdle easy gameplay?

You may initiate enjoying and playing Lewdle right away by heading to official web page of Lewdle. The riddles are turned every twenty-four hours to freshen things up, and you will all have something fresh to do. It doesn’t matter the time of your gameplay during the day.

Everybody has six attempts to recognize the phrase in the Lewdle gameplay, and the boxes would vary in color, same as in Wordle gameplay.

How to spot if the answer is correct?

When the tile turns green, it indicates that you are in the accurate spot of Lewdle Word Game. But, if it turns yellow, it indicates that your letter is in the wrong place; however, still, it is the correct phrase.

Besides, if you see that the box changes to grey, you must know that the letter you chose is not the right solution.

What is the clue or hint for March 21 riddle?

The hints or clues for March 21 riddle are as follows:

  • The word has three vowels.
  • Ali G., a citizen journalist, popularized slang for vagina.

Could not guess the accurate answer yet? Scroll down and know the answer to March 21, 2022 riddle.

What is Lewdle Answer March 21?

The current phrase and answer for March 21, 2022, has been released, and like always, it is intriguing. 

PUNANI is the solution or answer to March 21, 2022 riddle. Players may enter the answer by Tuesday, March 22, 2022, by 05:00 a.m. GMT and 12:00 a.m. ET, or 09:00 p.m. PT. 

Additional Facts:

The developers have graciously included a new mode appropriately labeled ‘Just The Tip’ as part of the latest Lewdle release on March 21, 2022. The function can be accessed by choosing the lightbulb in the top left corner of your gadget’s screen.

By pressing the button below in Lewdle Word Game, you will see one random letter from the puzzle’s remaining letters. This button may be used once only for every guess and would lower your lewdness grade.

Players can simplify things by tapping the lightbulb button beneath the prompt that will disclose a randomized leftover letter in the riddle.


You might be surprised to see that Lewdle recently changed his appearance, and this well-known word gameplay now has a new logo and an entirely new color scheme, design, and other features.

However, significant changes are not there, so you can play Lewdle by guessing the words till you reach the accurate answer.

Besides, we have mentioned the clue and the Lewdle Answer March 21 in the article above.

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