Nesm Tender Results 2022 : Read The Full Details!

This writing entails information associated with Nesm Tender Results 2022 to let visitors know the status as per employment region and organization.

Are you looking for NESM results? Are you aware that the Australian government and authorities have established several policy-making committees and departments to oversee an accurate education system?

People across Australia are concerned about the much-awaited results for NESM Tender 2022. This entire post is devoted to exploring aspects related to workforce outcomes.

So, you can read and learn more about Nesm Tender Results 2022 and the outcomes per each region. 

Queensland Results

Here is a list of employment regions and organizations in Queensland:

  • Cairns- The jobfind centres private limited
  • Fitzroy- The Northern-Job link Eastern
  • Mackay- LPAI and IDE
  • Somerset- Serendipity limited and incorporate
  • The DarlingDowns- Busy at Work employment services by busy group Limited
  • The Gold coast- MEGT limited and Mission Australia
  • The South-East Brisbane- Your Town and Employment provide through Tursa
  • White or and sunshine-coast- Your Town and Employment 

Victoria Results

Here is the list of Employment Region and organization of Nesm Tender Results 2022:

  • Barwon- The community group of Westgate initiatives. 
  • Ballarat- The Asurisa people services pvt. Ltd.
  • Bendigo- The community of  Axis Enterprise
  • Melbourne- RNTT private limited and Asuria for people services private limited
  • Murray- CVGT Limited
  • Southeastern peninsula and Melbourne- The group of busy and Asuria private limited 
  • The South Coast of Victoria- Employment access to the western district 
  • The west of Melbourne- Job Future Limited
  • Wimmera Mallee- The community group of Westgate initiatives.

New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory

Here is a list of organizations and the employment region:

  • The OCTEC Limited- South-West, Sydney for Nesm Tender Results 2022
  • The Blue mountains, Asuria service of people limited- Greater West, Sydney
  • The mission Australia- Mid North Coast
  • To connect youngster and society- Sydney, East.
  • The Mal-wel Limited and Vetro Limited- Hunter
  • The Vetro Limited- Coast of North
  • The Joblink Plus Limited- Far West Orana with Broken Hill
  • Teldraw and Serensipity- North and West Sydney.
  • The OCTEC Limited- Central West
  • The OCTEC Limited- Capital Region
  • The OCTEC Limited- Illawarra South Coast

The Tasmania Results

Here is the list of employment and organizations:

  • Northwest and Northern Tasmania- Joblink
  • Southern-Tasmania and Hobart – Work Skills Inc for Nesm Tender Results 2022.

The Northern-Territory Results

Here is the list of employment and organizations:

  • Darwin- Bamara pvt. Ltd.

Western Areas Results

  • Broome- The K. Regional-Community and indigenous-corporation
  • Esperance- Training Alliance Group 
  • Geraldton– The Real Futures 
  • Great-southern- Skill-hire pvt. ltd.
  • Kalgoorlie- The training alliance 
  • SouthWorkskil and Training Alliance Group   
  • South-West- Worksil

Southern Areas Results

  • Mid-North of S.A- Worksil 
  • North of Adelaide- Workskil and RNTT private limited
  • North-west of S.A- Worksil
  • South-East and Murray- Sureway training and employment private limited 
  • South of Adelaide- Status-works and RNTT private limited


The Workforce Australia Tender results were created after extensive research. You can check the guide above to know the results of Nesm Tender Results 2022 by employment region and organizations.

The findings of this study are shown here. All should believe that education is a fundamental right and that individuals must be hired for their skills.

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