New Profile Pic App Warning: What is the matter?

What is the New Profile Pic App Warning? Why are users giving warnings against this trending application? Read and figure out the answer via this blog.

We all love to browse social media and share our daily activities, information, knowledge, etc. And mostly, we tend to change profile pictures after a certain time. 

Plenty of applications are popular among social media users that modify your picture and add an aesthetic and appeal. Just like this, the ‘New Profile Pic App’ has become in trend recently in the United States and the United Kingdom, which can make profile pictures a digital canvas picture.

But why are users giving New Profile Pic App Warning? Let’s figure it out.

What is the news about?

In accordance with the recent viral news, users are showing concern about this new trending mobile application. When we were checking the matter, we found that social network users were claiming that this application possessed Russian malware. Additionally, some users have also mentioned that this application steals their personal information.

Along with this, some reports are also available, where users have specified that this application is crafted by a software company based in Russia, which is connected to the ‘Kremlin.’ Besides, rumors that it’s a money theft application can also be seen on social media.

New Profile Pic App Warning- Introduction of this application:

For those who’re not familiar with this application, this section is very important. This ‘New Profile Pic’ application is designed in a way so that it can use some intelligence to turn someone’s profile picture into canvas art. This mobile application has recently received thousands of downloads in a concise period.

This trending application, the brainchild of Informe Laboratories Inc., is gaining popularity in several major countries like Canada, Australia, etc. It can be used by both iOS and Android users. You can find ‘NewProfilePic Picture Editor’ and ‘NewProfilePic: Profile Picture’ in the iOS and Android stores, respectively.

New Profile Pic App Taking Money- About this news:

We have already cleared that there are some rumors regarding this mobile profile picture modifier software. Some users have specified it is a scam software that steals personal data, while others have declared it contains malwares. Along with this, some application users have also been notified that this software scams money. However, according to updated reports, no clear evidence has not come up yet.

What is the reaction of application designers?

After this concern has been shown by users on social media, the spokesperson of this trending application has finally shown a reaction on Warning Over New Profile Pic App and said that they are a ‘BVI’ company and their development offices are located in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. He has also continued stating that their privacy policy is strict and doesn’t violate any policy. He also mentioned that those pictures are transferred to ‘Amazon Servers’ and aren’t visible to any third party and even deleted after 2 weeks.

Wrapping Up:

Multiple rumors have been reported on social media reading the ‘New Profile Pic’ application; however, the sources reveal ( that no one evidence is there regarding New Profile Pic App Warning. To know more updates on this matter, check out blogs daily. Are these updates useful? Kindly share your valuable remarks in the comment section.

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