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This article contains complete details of Reviews to help readers know about the experience of users who received scams and ways to avoid them.

Are you aware of the recent call made to many users? The call is from Noworkplan to convince you to visit its website and get up to ten thousand.

Are you among the users from the United States who received a call from Noworkplan? If you received the call from Noworkplan, you must know its complete information, as many scams are emerging these days.

Also, you must go through Reviews to know if it is a genuine call or phishing.

What is is a recently launched online platform that calls many users. The call is to visit its online platform and obtain up to 10 thousand in a month.

They make a recorded call in a female voice and named Mary as she speaks about the plan made by her husband.

What is the call from about?

The call from is about a quick scheme to get rich. It asks the call receivers to look through its online platform to get rich instantly.

However, you must first look through Reviews to confirm the authenticity and genuineness of the call.

It pushes receivers to go to their website to immediately get up to 10 thousand.

Is the call from Noworkplan genuine?

It is a false work-from-home get-rich-quick scheme perpetrated by cybercriminals calling from an Indian contact centre, attempting to obtain your credit card number, Social Security number, and personal information to commit identity fraud.

The fraud phone call starts with a pre-recorded female voice produced using a text-to-speech translation app or software to mask the source of this scam from India, and if you take their call, you will be routed to what seems like a loud boiler Indian room.

Hence, you must read Reviews to know the users’ experience who received the calls.

How to avoid scam calls from Noworkplan?

It would be best if you did not ever support an uninvited caller who wants to sell something, as many unprompted people calling are scams, so your chances of saving the money are minimal.

It also asks for your SSN or Social Security number or provides free gifts or rewards. It might also warn you with arrest/lawsuit or state that you must respond quickly or stress strategy. 

Besides, it may also request that you visit its website, wire money, download a file, purchase gift cards, prepaid debit, or allege that your account has been compromised.

Hence, you must avoid such calls and explore Reviews to find the facts.


Noworkplan is a newly launched website that calls users to inform them that their online platform offers 10k.

It might claim that your membership is auto-debited, auto-renewed or reimbursed, and all pre-recorded messages.

They are pre-recording and are more probable than telemarketer spamming to be destructive schemes. Unwanted calls with foreign accents, typically Filipino or Indian, are almost always frauds.

Hence, you must read Reviews to know the receiver’s experience and avoid such scams.

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