Pot Roast Tiktok Cat Died : Get Update Details Info!

This article has complete details of Pot Roast Tiktok Cat Died to help readers know about the passing away of their beloved cat and the reason behind it.

Do you adore Pot Roast? Do you often watch videos and images of Pot Roast?

People across Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and other parts of the world love pets, and most of them adore cats.

If you also love cats, specifically, TikTok-famed Pot Roast, this guide will let you know the reason and inform you that Pot Roast Tiktok Cat Died.

Who adopted Pot Roast?

Pot Roast, the TikTok’s beloved cat, was adopted eight years ago from a Missouri shelter in 2014, during her owner’s sophomore year of college.

Pot Roast’s owner told the publication that she connected with the cat during a two-hour play session with her at an on-campus program designed to reduce student stress following finals.

The owner and her friend traveled to the shelter where the cat was staying, and she adopted the cat.

When did Pot Roast Tiktok Cat Died?

One of TikTok’s most fabulous beloved cats with nearly a million followers, Pot Roast died recently. Pot Roast’s owner revealed that the cat died in her arms on Wednesday, February 16, 2022, in a video posted to the pet’s TikTok profile @potroastsmom.

The Kansas City-based owner commented above a video of herself weeping, hugging her cat, stating that her little bird flew away on Wednesday at 11:47 am this morning.

She stated that the cat was done fighting when she saw it in the morning, and yet she was still fighting for the cat. The woman also added that the cat went to sleep in her arms, and Pot Roast Tiktok Cat Died.

When did Pot Roast receive fame over TikTok?

Pot Roast originally became famous on TikTok in December 2020, when her owner started posting videos of the beautiful kitten on the social media network.

In a video from May 2021, the owner joked that she called her cat Pot Roast since “Pot Roast is a very nice meal prepared on special occasions, venerated even” in Caucasian middle-class culture.

The facility that adopted Pot Roast was ready to give her up for 20 USD due to her health difficulties, which the owner claimed were not fully disclosed.

What was the reason for the Pot Roast death?

Pot Roast Tiktok Cat Died and has been diagnosed with stomatitis, feline herpes, and FIV, i.e., feline immunodeficiency virus. Cat’s owner disclosed the news through a TikTok video early this month, speculating that a bite from her another late cat, Carrot, may have been to blame.

In the video, Pot Roast’s owner states that while a few cats with FIV can have long and happy lives, she didn’t think Pot Roast would.


Pot Roast, a well-known TikTok-famed cat, passed away on Wednesday, February 16, 2022, due to a few ailments.

Her owner disclosed her death through a TikTok video recently and was mourning her cat’s death.

The owner stated that the Pot Roast Tiktok Cat Died, just she and the cat. However, as stated by the Pot Roast’s owner, in the end, she cherished every moment she had spent together with her cat.

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