Prime Day Sweepstakes Scam: Know about it.

What is the matter about the Prime Day Sweepstakes Scam? Do people trust this site? Check out the written article and get precise details about this matter.

Do you consider yourself a shopaholic? Do you love to buy things from online platforms? If all the answers are positive, you are recommended to go through the article minutely.

Recently, users of the leading ecommerce platform have been experiencing scam activity on its big sale day. Yes, we are discussing ‘Amazon Prime Day,’ which has triggered many users’ interest in different nations like the United States

People are querying about the Prime Day Sweepstakes Scam; therefore, we are here to clear doubts about this matter. So, check it until it ends-

About the scam:

According to details, the platform Sweepstakes allows users to get gift cards. On this platform, the game is played, which is a lottery system. In this lottery game, people can easily participate if they buy a small product. And the platform chooses the winner randomly among the participants and gives them a gift card, which they can access by logging into their amazon account.

Following the news, some people have randomly received mail about winning the gift cards; however, we couldn’t find any trace of the users who won the gift cards.

Prime Day Small Business Sweepstakes- Details about it:

Precisely we can explain that you can find ‘Prime Day Sweepstakes’ named web portal, which is now trending due to its alluring giveaway. In accordance with the site’s offer, users of the United Kingdom need to purchase any Amazon products of any price from this small business. After users buy the products, they can take part in the contest. However, users have to buy the product during their promotion period; then, only they will be allowed in the lottery game.

The winner will be selected randomly, without giving anyone special preference; thus, anyone can win the lottery and get a gift card. 

Prime Day Sweepstakes Scam- is the site legit?

Considering the result, which we have found using a premium SEO tool, the trust index of this shop is awful. This platform has received a 2 percent rating among 100 percent scores, which is not trustworthy. Moreover, Amazon representatives have also declared that the Sweepstakes platform has no connection with, Inc. Therefore, it’s clear that this third party, claiming to give gift cards for an Amazon product, is completely faking it.  

More about this news:

Following the site’s claim, around 114288 users would be chosen as a winner, who will receive gift cards worth 50 USD to 1000 USD, divided into seven total tires. After Further checking about the Amazon Prime Day Sweepstakes, we found the winner will get slabs of 50$, 100$, 250$, 500$, and 1000$ amounts gift cards.

The event will be going on from 21st June 2022 to 11th July 2022. And a person can enter this event 1500 times to make their winning chances broader. 

Wrap Up:

Although the platform seems legit, comprising all the necessary information like privacy policy and FAQs section; however, its trust score is very low. Additionally, Amazon has declared they have no link with this site( Therefore, beware of the Prime Day Sweepstakes Scam. More details will be provided in the coming articles. Is this blog useful? Please specify in the comment box.

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