Quart Wordle: What is the right answer?

What is the Quart Wordle? Does the word ‘QUART’ mean something? Read the entire article thoroughly and get all the insights about the solution and its meaning.

What is the meaning of the word ‘QUART’? Is ‘QUART’ the correct answer for today’s 408 games?

Wordle has gradually become a daily entertainment dose, where players enjoy new straightforward yet catchy gameplay daily. As a result, this game has eventually gained unbelievable recognition among the Worldwide gaming community. 

Coming to today’s puzzle, if you’re searching the internet to obtain the answer to today’s Quart Wordle, you can check out this article, as we have brought the solution to the 408 Wordle game.

What is the proper answer for Monday’s (1st August 2022) riddle game?

In accordance with today’s hints given by the developer, the correct answer must be ‘QUART.’ Moreover, we have researched it by checking all possible legit sources, and found that all sources indicate the answer’ QUART.’ For those who don’t know about the hints- Following the given hints, the correct answer should start with ‘Q,’ and the word must contain 2 vowels. Along with this, the end of this word must possess the ‘T’ letter. 

Quart Definition- Is QUART a meaningful word?

As per the dictionaries, ‘QUART’ is the unit used to measure liquid capacity. Generally, 1 Quart is equal to ¼ of the gallon. However, in the USA measurement unit, 1 Quart is equal to 0.946 Liter (57.749 Cubic-Inches); on the other hand, in the British measurement unit, 1 Quart is equal to 1.136 Liter (69.355 Cubic-Inches). 

Furthermore, Quart represents a unit by which anyone can measure the dry capacity. It resembles the 1.101 Liter or 8 of the peck (67.201 Cubic-Inches). So let’s dig out additional information about it.

Quart Wordle- More insight about it:

In case you’re still in confusion about how ‘QUART’ can be the correct answer, then check the below-described hints, which are provided following the official Wordle clues-

  • The official clue suggested creating a word with the first letter ‘Q’ in it. And if you see, ‘QUART’ has ‘Q’ as the first letter.
  • Moreover, the correct word should comprise 2 vowels. So, if you observe the word ‘QUART,’ you will find 2 vowels, i.e., ‘U’ and ‘A.’
  • Additionally, the letter must be ‘T.’ And here, in the ‘QUART’ word, the end letter is ‘T.’

Therefore, following all the clues, we found that ‘QUART’ is the correct answer. Also, Is Quart a Word? Well, we have also given the answer in the above section. ‘QUART’ is the unit used to measure liquid or dry capacity.

Now coming to the Wordle gameplay, if you haven’t played the game, you must know that the game is a simple word puzzle game that gives you a new daily challenge. The daily riddle needs to be solved within 24 hours with a total of 6 chances. The game gives some clues to help players.

Wrapping Up:

The Worldwide popular word riddle game has been given a tricky game today. But, as per the sources (https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/gadgets-news/wordle-408-answers-revealed-hints-clues-and-solutions-for-august-1-2022/articleshow/93262335.cms), the right answer of this Quart Wordle is ‘QUART.’ which you can use to solve 1st August’s riddle. Read our content regularly to get a daily dose of Wordle updates. Is this article insightful? Kindly give your comments in the review section.

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