Receiptify Herokuapp com : Ranking Site to Your Spotify!

This article will teach you everything to understand about Receiptify Herokuapp com and how to utilize it.

Melody was the inspiration for this new bundle of joy. Receiptify, or You’s Album Receipts, is an online platform that transforms a user’s Spotify listens into a receipt form that can be easily shared on social media.

Several users throughout the United States, Indonesia, Thailand, and other parts of the world want to enjoy and know more about Receiptify Herokuapp com.

The Top Track Generator, which is hosted on Herokuapp, has seen a spike in popularity in current days.

So, please keep reading the details to know more about Receiptify.

What exactly is Receiptify?

Receiptify compiles records of listeners’ favorite songs and transform it to a pleasingly plausible and tidy until it reaches the format of a receipt.

Users can select one of 3 time-periods, including the following 

  • The previous month.
  • The past six months, or
  • All-time favorites

It, hence, help users to distinguish their listening patterns and habits over time as well as with those of others.

Who is the designer of Receiptify Herokuapp com?

A student of first-year information systems, Michelle Liu from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, designed the program for a university project last September.

After seeing the @albumreceipts’ page over Instagram, she had the concept that reflow album track records to look like receipts.

What is unique about Receiptify?

Receiptify, the online site or online platform, was created by Michelle Liu (@fullcontrol), a Twitter user who said on Sunday, September 20th, “had a desire to start stuff currently enough that I expended the day encode this!” 

It creates a “receipt” premised on Spotify’s most-played tunes. You may take a trip to Receiptify Herokuapp com for more knowledge. The tweet has since received more than 31,000 retweets and 36,000 likes.

How to utilize Receiptify’s platform? 

  • To get started with Receiptify, you must go ahead to Receiptify’s online platform.
  • You will be prompted to register with your Spotify profile or account on the web page.  
  • Now click on the prompt tap to begin the logging-in process. 
  • Thereafter, you can select which receipt you want to view from your preferred and favorite top tracks during the past 6 months, the previous month, or all time.
  • The web application will generate a receipt that provides a series of your most frequently played songs during the same period you select.

How can I share Receiptify over social media platforms?

Several viewers of website Receiptify Herokuapp com have uploaded their receipts to social networking sites.s

    • To do so, go over to Tododecomer’s online platform plan and scroll down to the bottom of the receipt until you see a check box ‘get the image.’
    • It would automatically start downloading on whatever gadget you use if you click that tab.
    • You can then start sharing it on social media in the same way you could with other images. 


Music enthusiasts and lovers enjoy happily sharing their favorite tracks with the entire planet. So Spotify Wrapped, which appears to take listeners across the year in music, is among the most predicted music concerts of the year.

Communicating your much-played tracks on Receiptify Herokuapp com is what appears to be worth printing till receipt is the current online craze.

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