Roblox Bedwars Season 3 : Get Imperative Details!

This topic is about Roblox Bedwars Season 3 to help you know more about the latest updates in the gameplay, with new features, kits, patch notes, maps, and enchant tables.

Have you heard Patch Notes and New Kits unlocked? Are you among Roblox users across Malaysia, Australia, Canada, United States, and other word areas who look for updates, patch notes, and kits for Roblox games?

We are going through all of the current information about the upcoming Season 3 patch and update for Roblox BedWars.

So, let’s read more about Roblox Bedwars Season 3 and its recent updates in the article below.

When will season 3 for Roblox Bedwars launch?

On December 17, 2021, Roblox launched the update for BedWars Season 3. It is a significant update since it introduces an entirely new battle pass to this gameplay. It includes various goodies that you may earn simply by playing the Roblox gameplay.

Gingerbread Man, Yeti, Santa, and the Aery are among the four latest kits available. The Enchant Table was included in every map, could now be used. You can enhance your battle powers in the gameplay if you repair the table.

Which variants are available for Roblox Bedwars Season 3?

Currently, two variants of the battle pass are available this time, one that costs money and one that is free. If you level up your gameplay pass, you will get a bunch of free kits, but you must upgrade to the paid version to have all of them. 

You must pay 799 Robux to purchase the premium season 3 battle pass.

Which patch notes of season 3 for Roblox Bedwars are currently available?

The patch notes detail all of the latest features in this brand-new release. It has tons of awards for paid and free players, which are as follows:

  • Paid about Roblox Bedwars Season 3 Users (Level 10) – Santa: You can play the game being a Santa and order aircraft attack runs with high-explosive reindeers.
  • Free Users (Level 20) – Gingerbread Man: You can place gumdrops on bouncing pads for intense movement. A gumdrop bounce cushion eliminates any fall damage while also providing protection.
  • Free Users (Level 30) – Yeti: You can give a Glacier Roar. Frozen bricks have a high rate of destruction to freeze neighboring blocks briefly.
  • Paid Users (Level 50) – Aery: Enemies are added to your spirit butterflies collection after you kill them. Sword damage is amplified from each spirit butterfly. Aery’s health has been decreased to 90hp.

Which enchanted tables are added to the maps?

Enchant tables are also introduced to every map as a new feature in Roblox Bedwars Season 3. You can also fix the Enchant Table of your team for eight diamonds. You can also discover strong enchants that augment your combat in various ways once you have been restored.

Enchants currently in use are the following:

  • Fire- 1, 2, 3
  • Static- 1, 2, 3
  • Void- 3


This season 3 of Bedwars, a new lobby gadget system is introduced. You can receive four different lobby gadgets by purchasing the Battle Pass. Besides, there are new maps, such as Bank (Squads), Christmas Square (Squads), and Frost Site (Infected).

You may also explore more about Roblox Bedwars Season 3 to stay updated with the gameplay and level it up.

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