Scrolling Text Time Waster: What is it?

What is the Scrolling Text Time Waster? How to use the software? To know each and every detail of this tool, you need to read the below-written content.

What if you could send love messages uniquely to your loved ones? Are you in search of software to send unique design messages to your girlfriend or boyfriend? If you’re wondering about the software, this write-up is for you.

The Scrolling Text software helps users send special format messages to make them more interesting. This software is now having thousands of daily users Worldwide. Therefore, today we’ve brought the details of this trending Scrolling Text Time Waster software, so without wasting time, let’s start exploring-

What is the Scrolling Text software?

Scrolling Text software is available on the ‘’ web portal, allowing Worldwide people to use this tool without charging them. This tool can give you access to create scrolling text. After creating the text, you can copy it & paste it to the message box of a particular person you wish to send it to. 

This digital instrument can be referred to as ‘Time Waster’ as the person who receives those messages needs to scroll down till the last to understand the message. Therefore, sometimes it can seem like a time-waster.

Scrolling Text I Love You Nama- More about it:

According to visible information on the web, the software has a special command to create messages in a unique way. The software uses brief text like ‘I Love You’ and uses it multiple times. When you scroll down the message, you can see a beautiful pattern has been created with that short text. In this way, individuals can convey their feelings with simple text messages. This unique feature has already grabbed the eyes of social media users, and recently, there are thousands of active users who can be seen on the platform. Let’s discover more information about this tool.

Scrolling Text Time Waster- How can anyone use it?

The using procedure of Scrolling Text is pretty straightforward; thus, users don’t have to be tech-savvy to use the software. All you need to do is-

  • Open the device (PC or mobile handset), then open the browser like Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  • In the next step, search ‘’ or ‘Scrolling Text,’ and you will find the page on the top result.
  • Now open the website, and scroll the page to reach the popular content. 
  • After that, select the tab showing ‘Scrolling Text.’ After selecting it, you will find Scrolling Text I Love You Ayang written with special font and color. 
  • Then scroll down to observe the slot to jot-down the message and now copy and paste it to your favorite person’s text tab and send it. 

Note: You need to follow all the methods step by step to send the messages successfully; you also find emojis to create a unique pattern instead of using text.

Wrapping Up:

Now sending unique format messages is easy with Scrolling Text software. With the help of the website (, you can create unique pattern text using short messages or emojis. Learn more about Scrolling Text Time Waster from our regular content. Is this content useful? Kindly write it down in the comment box.

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