Sgloballive com: Know about it.

What is the Sgloballive com? Do people trust this portal? What are this site’s mission and vision? Please read the article and grab all the answers regarding it.

Being educated everyone is one of the most effective solutions to social issues- Do you believe in it? If so, you must be eagerly waiting to pursue higher education. 

To help you out, a website in the Philippines has brought some exciting quests to find out about your dream high schools. The web portal Sgloballive com is getting popular nationwide. 

So, Here you will get all the details regarding this website.

Introduction of this web portal:

The primary motto of creating this portal is to assist aspirants in finding the high schools in which they wish to enroll themselves. In this portal, aspirants must choose at least three schools and departments. After that, the portal analyzes the marks and the available seats of that particular school and assists students in showing the result (a suggestion of schools). With the help of this site, students can find 2022-2023 high school openings.

Sgloballive.come- Procedure to apply:

First, we must inform you that the searchability result consists of the site name and then ‘.Come’; however, the right website link is, which means you must use ‘.Com’ instead of ‘.Come’ to search the site. Now coming to the application process, students have to choose their preferred department and schools. Aspirants are also asked to select a minimum of 3 schools and departments as per their choice.

The site also asks for the certificate of class-8; along with this, they need to attach their academic achievements. After analyzing the mark sheet, and seat availability, the site shows results with a preferred one, the least preferred one and a rational one.

Sgloballive com- Is the portal reliable?

Even though the site has been crafted to assist aspirants in the Philippines, verifying its legitimacy is essential. Here are the details which you need to read to find out its trustworthiness.

  • Trust Index: In accordance with the result, the index score is 2 percent.
  • Domain: The domain is 
  • Establishment Date: The date of creation is 29th May 2022.
  • Alexa Rank: The rank is not present on the Alexa platform.
  • Social Profiles: The details of whether the site is present on social media or not unavailable.
  • Reviews: The reviews are unavailable about Sgloballive.come (the right keyword is
  • Policy Details: Terms and Conditions & privacy policy are missing.

As we checked, the site was recently created. Additionally, the portal has a low score on the trust index and also doesn’t have any reviews or policy details. Therefore, after analyzing the site, we can tell the portal has low authority, which warns users not to use it before checking.

Wrapping Up:

In conclusion, it’s clear that the portal is very new, and its credibility is too low. Additionally, the reviews ( and policies are missing. So, we do not recommend using Sgloballive com for our users. Or if they want to use it, kindly verify all metrics, then only try it out. Is this write-up insightful? Please mention it in the comment section. 

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