Starbuck Coffee Scam: Know the truth.

What is the Starbuck Coffee Scam? The biggest coffeehouse chain has recently become highlighted due to its coffee cup scams. Read and know about this matter.

Are you a regular visitor to Starbucks? Have you heard about the recent controversy regarding the Starbucks coffeehouse chain?

Yes, recently, Starbucks, the famous coffee house chain, has become a part of the controversy, which began after a video was published on social media. It is one of the biggest multinational coffeehouse chains, having thousands of outlets in the United States and other nations. And due to a recent viral video, coffee enthusiasts worldwide are querying the truth behind the Starbuck Coffee Scam.

Let’s find out the truth-

Updates about the recent controversy related to Starbucks:

Recently a video on social media (YouTube) has widely spread, from which the controversy began. The video shows a scam regarding Starbucks coffee cups while claiming that this popular coffeehouse chain is playing marketing tricks. According to the viral video, the coffee cups of different sizes are the same. It means the amount of coffee in the smallest cup can fill the medium-sized cup and even the large cup completely. After this video has come to the public, every coffee enthusiast is searching to know the matter.

Starbucks Coffee Cup Scam- what does the video comprise?

Recently a video has been posted on Youtube, where viewers can see an individual and his friends are in the middle of a discussion regarding Starbucks coffee cups. They are seen to measure the coffee cup by some experiments. In that video, the person is pouring coffee into a small cup and filling it completely.

After that, they pour the small-sized cup’s coffee into the medium-sized cup and then transfer the coffee from the medium cup to the large cup. In this experiment, it was revealed that the smallest sized cup, medium cup, and large cup hold the same amount of coffee.

Starbuck Coffee Scam- More about it:

The video, which has widely spread internationally in Malaysia and other Asian countries, is uploaded on the channel belonging to ‘Robinson.’ The video was posted yesterday (30th May 2022), and within 1 day, it received more than 6+ views worldwide. 

In this video, the coffee cups used are Short, Grande, and Tall (The volume of each cup is 8oz, 16oz, and 12oz). Therefore, it’s not possible to fill all cups with the same amount of coffee; however, in this video, Robinson is filling all the cups with the same amount of coffee.

Netizens’ reactions about it:

After publishing the viral video about the ‘Starbucks Cup Size Scam,’ netizens are seen to react on social media. The majority of net users disagree with the matter, where some YouTubers like Cynthia Ferry had claimed that this experiment is fake as when she tried the hack, it didn’t show the same result as shown in the video.

Wrap Up:

So, the viral video has created controversy; however, netizens have protested against the video and claimed it to be fake as the experiments didn’t show the same results for others. Following the sources (, there is no proper evidence of this scam. Is this article about Starbuck Coffee Scam helpful? Kindly place your review in the comment box.

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