Subway Surfers Game: Know about the game.

What is the Subway Surfers Game? Is this game giving any giveaway promo deals? Read this article & know about the latest promo code details and this game.

Do you spend your free time gaming? Do you feel relaxed playing mobile games? If you feel so, you may have played various genres of games, especially the running video game? If your answer is affirmative, you surely know about the famous ‘Subway Surfers’ mobile game.

To make you excited, we’re bringing some unknown updates about this game. This game has millions of active players Worldwide. So, if you are curious to know about Subway Surfers Game and recent promo code details, read the below informative blog-

About the game:

It’s a digital game that can be played on Android and iOS devices. This game was designed and developed by ‘SYBO Games’ and ‘Kiloo.’ It can be described as an endless running game available on different platforms like Windows Phone and Kindle, along with Android and iOS devices. 

Here, after entering the gaming zone, you will have to play a character, a young boy who loves to do graffiti. You have to escape from the police officer and his dog in that game. Now, let’s know about promo codes.

Subway Surfers Redeem Code- More about it:

Recently, the developer’ Kiloo’ has released some latest promo codes through its official social network, which includes Discord, Twitter, etc. Below, we are giving you the active and expired promo code lists-

Active promo code list-

According to available details of its official social profiles, no codes are now in active condition.

Expired promo code list-

  • The ‘Instalove200k’ code can be used to get 4 keys & 5000 coins.
  • To get 8000 coins and 8 keys, the code ‘RunnerUp888’ should be used.
  • The code ‘2infinity’ can give you 3000 coins, 1 score booster, 1 Headstart, and 3keys.  
  • Players can receive 5K coins with the ‘Eggstremecoins’ code.
  • ‘Rabbotday2021’ is for 3K coins and 6 keys.

Subway Surfers Game- More in-depth information:

This game has been on-trend for a long time, published in 2012. It’s a classic single-player running game that has been engaging Worldwide people for around 10 years. Millions of installations can be seen on the application, which is Apple Store (for iOS devices) and Google Play Store (for Android devices). It also has been praised with positive ratings and comments, which shows gamers are satisfied with the game and its features. 

Again checking promo codes, we found that no promo codes can be used because they all are expired. But, to answer- How to Enter Code in Subway Surfers?- we have written the process below-

  • First, go to the redemption website of Subway Surfers on a mobile device.
  • Now under the code section, you have to enter the active code by copying and pasting it.
  • Then you have to click on the ‘Claim Reward’ button to get prizes.

Wrapping Up:

This game is one of the most famous and top charted games of all time. Following the latest information (, the promo codes have expired. Therefore, you have to check the official Subway Surfers Game social site to get new code details. Is this blog helpful? Please write in the review section.

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