Takeoff Shooting Video Twitter {Nov 2022} Twitter, Sharing The Shooting Video Of A Rap Artist!

This Takeoff Shooting Video Twitter post uncovers some facts surrounding the demise of the rap artist and the truth behind the covered footage.

Did you see the recent shooting video? According to the latest video clip, Migos musician Quavo was shouting at an individuals group at a bowling pool in Houston just moments before Takeoff; his nephew was fatally murdered.

People Worldwide shook by the incident, and those looking for information can check this post on Takeoff Shooting Video Twitter.

What happened with Takeoff?

In the 2:30 a.m. segment, Quavo could be observed declaring someone “demeaning,” and many profanities could be audible. The footage covered the incident. The rap artist cites “basketball” several times; however, a few stories say the fight started on a dice play. 

Someone was audible stating that he will not get back like something!” shouts one person, apparently Takeoff, moments before shooting breaks out. A single bullet drove everyone in the bowling pool rushing in several directions. 

Takeoff Shooting Reddit:

Takeoff, a Migos member’s real identity was Kirshnik Khari Ball, was declared dead on the spot, as stated in Reddit’s posts. After a few moments, a minimum of ten bullets, maybe from two firearms, were shot in rapid sequence, according to the footage.

Further footage was discovered showing Quavo and others attempting to lift Takeoff’s remains before laying him down and screaming for help. However, Quavo was not hurt.

Takeoff Shooting Video Twitter:

According to Houston Authorities, a minimum of a couple of individuals, a 24-year-old woman and a 23-year-old man were hurt and transported to hospitals in the area. Once the incident occurred, approximately forty to fifty individuals were present at Houston’s 810 Bowling and Billiards.

Takeoff was not engaged in any criminal behavior when he was gruesomely murdered on Tuesday, November 1, 2022, morning, according to authorities. According to Houston authorities, the gunman continues to be free.

Quavo Takeoff Shooting Video:

A video clip captured at the incident shows Quavo wearing an orange shirt and some others gathering around Takeoff. They all attempted to lift Takeoff initially. However, later they laid Takeoff down as Quavo pleaded for assistance.

According to police officials and many eyewitnesses, the deadly accident happened immediately after 2:30 a.m., once police received a call about a guy killed at Houston’s Billiards alley.

Quavo and Takeoff were reported to be rolling dice once a dispute erupted, during which somebody began shooting and killing Takeoff, either near his head or in his head. Takeoff was killed instantly at the site.

What were the recent statements by Takeoff?

About seven days before his demise, as captured in Takeoff Shooting Video Twitter, Migos rapper, the 28-year-old artist sent an ominous message in which he asked for acknowledgment of his brilliance even while living. 

He was relaxed and at ease though it was necessary to smack it. He would like to get back into his groove. It’s time to deliver his bouquets. He didn’t wish them when he will not be there,” Takeoff remarked on the “Drink Champs” show with Quavo.

According to law enforcement officials, two additional individuals were wounded and transferred to the hospital by personal transportation. They were unaware of their circumstances, and Quavo was not hurt after receiving the Takeoff Shooting Video Twitter.

Additional facts:

Takeoff uploaded a photo of himself brightening at the pool hall just a few hours before the gun shooting. Quavo had tweeted footage of himself driving with Jas Prince around Houston, who was enjoying his birthday. According to our sources, Prince was not with Takeoff and Quavo while the incident occurred.

Takeoff was the Migos group’s youngest member. In 2008, Takeoff and Quavo, the cousin-uncle duo, formed a group and became hitmakers of multi-platinum, with their substantial initial boost, “Versace,” coming out in 2013. In 2016, Takeoff and Quavo topped the Billboard charts with “Bad and Boujee.” 

Takeoff Shooting Twitter Reddit:

In the latest footage at about 07:11 a.m. (PT), Quavo is on the line, possibly with a 911 person requesting what she requires to do. A female on the spot introduced herself as a nurse who offered to assist Takeoff.

In 911 recordings acquired at about 06:36 a.m. (PT), handlers describe the event, stating that five bullets were shot and disclosing that the first caller reported hearing gunfire and individuals yelling.


Takeoff, one-third of the member of Migos, was killed in an early hours gunshot in Houston. Takeoff and Quavo’s most lately launched a program as the combo “Unc & Phew,” and both recently launched their newest song clip, “Messy,” on Monday, October 31, 2022.

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