Tishomingo Accident Victims : The Death Six Girls In Crash!

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Who were the victims of the Tishomingo accident? 

On Wednesday, March 23, 2022, authorities reported that the six adolescent girls killed in an Oklahoma semi-truck crash were crammed into a car with only four seats.

When a sixteen-year-old girl drove a four-passenger car, model name Chevrolet Spark 2015, hatchback with 5 other teenagers in the car bashed with a semi-truck near Tishomingo on Tuesday, March 22, 2022,  all six travellers, age ranging from 15 to 17, were killed.

As per the report of an Oklahoma Highway Patrol, just the juvenile driver from Connerville and her seventeen-year-old passenger sitting on the front seat wore seatbelts in Tishomingo Wreck Victims.

Did all teenagers in the Tishomingo accident die?

Every victim, five of those were Tishomingo residents, were all confirmed dead, where the little car had been annihilated.

Valendon Burton, 51, of Burneyville, the Peterbilt semi-truck driver, was not injured because he wore a seatbelt at the time of the accident.

Officials stated that the reason for the horrific crash was still being investigated on Wednesday, March 23, 2022.

According to OHP spokeswoman Sarah Stewart, no legal charges were filed in the incident.

Bobby Waitman, the Superintendent, stated that the six Tishomingo Accident Victims had been to the Tishomingo High School, so they were well-known by many school’s 240 students.

Were sessions at school going on?

Period or classes at Tishomingo High School continued for the session for which the girls visited and attended.

A spokesperson stated that the school was at a location where several children like to be as they require consistency in their lives. 

What did officials state about the accident?

Waitman described the atmosphere at the institution as unhappy, and they were aware of the loss. However, when they saw workers waiting to welcome them and that they were mourning for Tishomingo Wreck Victims. They also hoped and prayed that the children get some peace. 

Waitman stated that he had minimal encounters with a few of the juvenile victims’ families on Tuesday, March 22, 2022, who has been in grades nine through twelve. He didn’t mention their identities other than being famous and active in school activities. 

School authorities and the peer group of the teenagers who died in the accident were saddened about the incident.


A recent accident in Tishomingo had made many individuals curious to know if anyone survived the incident and who were Tishomingo Accident Victims.

School officials stated that the teenagers were well-known, not simply a number; they weren’t simply another student. This community adored these younger generations, and their death is a significant loss for everybody concerned.

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