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wThis page addresses the information associated with the W2s Dog Breed, the dog of a well-known internet persona.

Dogs are among the most popular domestic pets since they are generally liked. Do you believe that dogs are perfect and sociable pets? 

The dog of an internet persona piqued readers’ interest in Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom, Sweden, United States, Canada, and other global areas.

For further details, read this post mentioned below. People have begun to grow interested in learning more about pet dogs of an internet celebrity known as W2S, and the W2s Dog Breed is still relatively popular.

Who exactly are W2s?

Harry Christopher George Lewis’s internet identity or username is W2S. “wroetoshaw” is another moniker. He’s well recognized for being Sidemen’s YouTube group member and posting videos to his channel on YouTube.

He is 25 years old, born on November 26, 1994. He’s among the Sidemen’s most famous people, with a sizable fan base for his solo stuff. He is the proud owner of a Havanese dog.

You can also keep reading to know more details about Harry, his W2s dog, and its breed. 

What Breed Is W2s Dog?

Let’s take a deeper look at this dog’s species and many other identifying details in the sections beneath. Internet stars have a very political sphere and frequently reveal intimate data with their social networking fans.

W2S is well-known for his love of his dog whom he has dedicated a distinct social media website. Harry, who is 25 years old, is also the Sidemen’s newest person. The name of W2s dog is Herbert and individuals often refer the dog as Herb for brief. 

In a clip, Harry disclosed that the Havenese is the species of Wroetoshaw Dog.

Personal details of Herbert or Herb:

Harry’s dog Herb or Herbert, has appeared in many of the members of Sideman and Harry’s video clips. 

In 2019, Calfreezy, Harry, and Callux shared a house with Herbert. After 2019, they moved into their own homes, and Herb was forced to go to Guernsey, where he was born and has millions of followers on his YouTube channel. 

Herb now lives with Harry’s family, who relocated to Alderney soon after that and returned in 2004.

The dog, well-known for his master’s personality and celebrity figure, has been the current topic on social networking sites. Besides, Herb W2s Dog Breed is Havanese.


Dogs are unquestionably loyal companions and best friends as they are loyal to their masters. Many individuals are curious to learn more about W2S, a well-known internet celebrity’s pet.

Herbert is the name of Harry Lewis or W2s pet dog; its species is Havanese, and it stays with Harry’s family in Guernsey.

Harry, the internet sensation, is quite fond of his dog Herbert or Her and has also created a dedicated profile of his dog on Instagram, titled @herbontour.

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