Former Nebraska head trainer Scott Frost slightly outplayed former starting quarterback Adrian Martinez.

Both arrived in Lincoln in 2018. Martinez transferred to Kansas State before the 2022 season after four times with the Kornhuskers.

Frost was fired after losing to Georgia Southern last weekend.

Martinez participated his studies on Frost's blasting during a media session on Tuesday.

He said," There is still a lot of people I watch a lot about

You do not like to see a joe lose his job," he said, per 247 games. " So, you know, studies with him and studies with the people and the trainers and all the support staff out there,

Because a lot of people get lost in these kinds of effects. You supplicate for their families and you hope that effects turn out well.

During his four seasons under Frost, Martinez logged,491 career passing yards and 80 total touchdowns.

Graduate transfers now start Kansas State 2- 0 with triumphs over South Dakota and Missouri.

Like Martinez, Perhaps Frost Can Get On His Bases at His Coming Gig.