Batman Reveals His Real Bff Batmanvs.

Robin# 1 Spoilers Batman And Superman Are Considered Close Musketeers, But Batman Says Alfred Pennyworth Is His Topmost Chum.

lfred's fatherly bond with Batman is despite being his butler. Now that Bruce Wayne calls Alfred his closest friend, Alfred's death is more traumatic.

Batman and Superman's long and tumultuous connection dates back to the Golden Age of comics. Alfred Pennyworth is Bruce Wayne's longest friend and supporter.

In Batmanvs. Robin# 1 by Mark Waid, Mahmud Asrar, Jordie Bellaire, and Steve Wands, Alfred returns to Wayne Manor, astounding Bruce.

The emotional ramifications of a crucial character's death and rejuvenation make this theme intriguing. Alfred's homecoming challenges Batman to defy sadness and love.

Bruce Wayne calling Alfred his" stylish friend" adds emotion to their fellowship and Alfred's death. Batman trusts Alfred with his life, home, children, and imperturbable fellowship, indeed further than Superman.