Man Resents $3m Lottery Win" Nothing  Understands" 

Aman, Who Won$3.06 Million In India, Is Tired Of Fiscal Aid Pleas, Sources Say. Autorickshaw Motorist Anoopb. Is The Lottery Winner From Kerala, India.

He Won The Prize In A State Lottery In September, According To Publicmedia.anoopb., 32, Presented The Winning Lottery Ticket On September 17, A Day Before Heading To Malaysia For A Cook Job.

He Won The State Lottery On September 18. Anoopb. Remembers His Triumph In A Facebook Videotape. We Were Thrilled To Have Callers And Cameras In Our Home.

Anoopb.'s Luck Was Snappily Followed By Others Asking For A Piece Of His Palm. A Week Latterly, Anoopb. Uploaded A Videotape Praying People To Stop Soliciting For Loans And Aid.

The Joe, Who Hasn't Entered The Plutocrat, Said He Is Meaning Shifting To Avoid Unpleasant Attention From Plutocrat- Campaigners.

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