Nathaniel Hackett Admits Regret: NFL World Reacts !

On Monday night, the Denver Broncos made the most confusing decision of the entire football weekend.

With 111 on the timepiece and at-14, Russell Wilson dropped a short pass to run back to Jevont Williams,

The bone who took a lead of nine yards set Seattle fourth and-5 from the 46 yard line.

Rather of calling the time out incontinently, the Broncos turned the timepiece down to 20 seconds and also called the time out.

Rather of going for it, the platoon decided for a 64- yard field thing- which was missed.

Broncos head trainer Nathaniel Hackett admitted his mistake Tuesday autumn.

Looking back at it, we surely should have gone for it," he told journalists.

Suckers could not help but laugh.

Oh yeah that is a good thing," said one NFL critic.

Others are glad that they at least admitted themistake.One addict said," I mean I will give him credit for making a mistake.

It was still terrible timepiece operation and poor decision timber.

Another addict said," surely a no s ** t moment but at least it's better than double downing on a easily bad decision.

Like I have seen some trainers." This was Hackett's first game as head trainer, so he presumably deserves a pass.