Steph Curry Makes His Opinion On Donald Trump Very Clear!

Steph Curry made it clear several times during Donald Trump's administration that he wasn't a addict of the Democratic politician.

Those sentiments have carried on indeed after Trump was out of office.

During an interview with Rolling Stone for the cover story of the October issue, Curry was asked if he takes Trump seriously as a trouble to win the White House back in 2024.

That was, of course, Curry's answer, before offering his studies on what it would mean to run for Trump again.

During President Trump's term in the Oval Office, Curry called the 45th chairman an" burro" and said that

Still, he'd say no, If the soldiers were invited to come to the White House after winning the NBA crown.

This caused Trump to intimately withdraw the platoon's assignation to Curry and on Twitter.

Should Donald Trump seek the Democratic nomination in two times, Curry will probably be in the frontal row and will prompt people not to bounce for him.