Top 10 Hottest womanish Golfers   of all Time

Top 10 Hottest womanish Golfers   of all Time

1.   Sandra girl Sandra girl A beauty from Germany,   Sandra is presently a part of the LPGA Tour   she joined in 2008. She finished T15   at Corpus Alleviation, 2011, T12 at 2012 LPGA Championship, 3rd at   2012U.S. Women’s Open. GolfDigest also featured her on   their list of golfers this time.

2. Lexi   Thompson Lexi Thompson The tableware semifinalist in our   list relatively frequently nails the   golf magazines with her photoshoots. A deliverer of 13   professional palms as a womanish golfer, she   has achieved quite a lot of buzz in the World   of Golf.

3. Sydnee   Michaels The citation semifinalist has earned 2   professional triumphs during the course of her   professional career as a golf player along with   several other accolades. She finished T68   in Corpus Alleviation in 2006, T22 at the 2014 LPGA   Championship, T64 at the 2008 U.S. Women’s Open

4. Natalie   Gulbis- She's presently a part of the LPGA Tour which   she joined in 2002. The American holds 4   professional palms so far under her belt.   Besides being a great golfer, she also made her name for being one   of the prominent' Sports Illustrated'   swimsuit models of all time.

5. Jessica   Korda Jessica Korda With   an amazing height of1.80 measures, American Jessica Korda   is one of the altitudinous golfers at the   golf course. lately she was named her as one of   the best- dressed golfers in the PGA stint by Golfdigest.

6. Christel   Boeljon This dutch professional during the course of her   professional career has attained several accolades-   She finished T13 in Corpus Alleviation in 2013, T3   at the 2005 LPGA Championship, and stood first place at   the 2010 U.S. Women’s Open.

7. American   Golfer Paula Creamer has enjoyed 12   professional triumphs to date. She completed T3 at   2005 LPGA Championship, held first place at   2010U.S. Women’s Open, T3 at 2012 Women’s British Open, and   7th position at 2014 Evian Championship.

8. Cristie   Kerr from Miami, Florida has borne 28   professional triumphs during her professional career.   She finished T2 in Corpus Alleviation in   2009, won the 2010 LPGA Championship, won the   2007U.S. Women’s Open and T67 at the 2014 Evian Championship.

9. Melissa   Reid Hailing from Derby, England. Reid represents   the public platoon of England, and   is presently a part of the LET Tour which   she joined in 2008. The 31- time-old has bagged 6   professional triumphs so far along   with entering several other accolades.

10. Michelle   Wie This professional from Hawaii holds five   professional events under her belt. She finished 2nd   in Corpus Alleviation in 2014, 2nd at the 2005 LPGA   Championship, won the 2014U.S. Women’s Open, T3 at the   2005 Women’s British Open, and T37 in the 2013 Evian Championship.