Top 10 Most Insane Sports Riots In History!

Top 10 Most Insane Sports Riots In History!

10. Nika Riots The Nika Riot Started Taking Shape During A Chariot Racing In Constantinople. 

9. Richard Riot He Played For The Montreal Canadians Of The National Hockey League.

8. Estadio Nacional Disaster Argentine Was Leading And Six Minutes Before The Whistle, Peru Was Denied An Equalizing Goal.

7. South Africa Rugby Union Tour Of Australia They Were Mostly University Students. Before The Match Began Rioters Attempted To Saw Down The Goal Post.

6. Disco Demolition Night Many Believe That The Disco Demolition Night Helped The Decline Of Disco In The Us In Late 1979. 

5. Aggieville Riots Dissatisfied Mainland Chinese Football Fans Then Spilled Into The Streets And Began Hooliganism. 

4. 19 May Incident China Competed Against Hong Kong In A Fifa World Cup Qualification Match In Workers Stadium.

3. Montreal Stanley Cup Riot This Then Triggered Fury Among The Kings’ Fans Who Came Down To The Streets And Began Vandalism.

2. Vancouver Stanley Cup Riot A Group Of People Was Chanting “Let’s Go Riot” Before Even The Game Ended.

1. Port Said Stadium Riot The Egyptian Government Then Decided To Shut Down The Domestic League For The Next Two Years.