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This topic is about What Is Bill 124 For Nurses to help readers know about the contents of the bill and the dissatisfaction that occurred.

Many people recently searched for the bill passed for Nurses in Ontario, causing havoc and dissatisfaction.

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What was the role of nurses during the Covid-19 epidemic?

Nurses have been in the front trenches of Ontario’s persistent battle with COVID-19 for nearly two years. In all that period, over 650,000 individuals in the region were tested positive for the Covid-19, resulting in the deaths of more than 10,000 individuals and the grief of several. 

Nurses have also had to struggle to defend themselves and their dependents and families while relentlessly striving to save people’s lives in their supervision and care.

What Does Bill 124 Mean For Nurses?

Bill 124 regulates salary increases in the public sector to 1% each year for three years. Premier Doug Ford launched the law, which was passed in 2019.

RNAO CEO Doris Grinspun stated that Bill 124 hurts the profession that people must have never seen earlier and lose all types of nurses.

The Ontario government’s inability to abolish Bill 124 for nurses, according to the RNAO or Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario, is “causing havoc” on the patient safety, nursing profession, and the healthcare system of the province.

What Is Bill 124 For Nurses?

Nurses have been working under salary constraint legislation for the past three years due to Premier Doug Ford’s Bill 124 that caps salary hikes for registered nurses and many other public service workers at 1% for 3 years. 

Because the Act was passed in 2019, their actual earnings have decreased. The bill is egregiously unjust and exemplifies all that is incorrect with the government’s attitude to nursing.

And then there is the Omicron form, which is rapidly spreading and threatening to overrun hospitals once more. 

Registered nurses in intensive care units, emergency rooms, and other critical-care settings have reached their peak, as robust as they have been all across the epidemic. Also, read more about What Does Bill 124 Mean For Nurses.

What were ONA’s actions?

ONA had not stopped lobbying the government anytime, attending several meetings and consultations, and meeting with the Treasury Board’s President directly to convey our profound concerns of the members about Bill 124.


ONA is dissatisfied with the passing of Bill 124 so far, and it acted quickly to express its displeasure to members, the public, and the government.

Amongst their several initiatives, ONA has called attention to the legislation’s gender inequality and has held extensive discussions with the media around the province. 

ONA press releases picked up several prominent news organizations were also disseminated on social media. 

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