Who is Liable for Damaged Products? Know Full Details

This article is about Who is Liable for Damaged Products to help our readers know about their consumer rights and how to handle the received damaged goods.

The modern world has provided people with the convenience of online shopping to help them sit comfortably at their homes and order their required products right in their spaces. However, this convenience also brings many drawbacks along it. Often when people in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and worldwide receive damaged items, they wonder and look for ways to deal with the situation.

Besides, the coronavirus epidemic boosted online sales hugely, resulting in more damaged products while transiting. Customers are often confused about whom to blame about the situation and where to report. This article will help you find Who is Liable for Damaged Products and a few ways to deal with it.

Damaged Goods Received- Who is responsible for it?

Usually, the retailer is held liable under the Consumer Rights Act if you receive damaged goods and want a quick solution. It states that customers who received damaged items should report instantly to the retailer.

Whether the courier company or the delivery associate caused the damage while in transit, the retailer is liable to address the issue and replace the damage with the new product, besides, the 2015 Consumer Act states that retailers are responsible for the damaged goods, and the customers should report the issue directly for replacement or exchange.

Who is liable for damaged products?

The manufacturer is held responsible for any product received in damaged mode by the customer. According to the Consumer Protection Act of 1987, the manufacturer is held accountable for any defect in the product.

What to do when you receive damaged goods?

You must thoroughly go through the refund and return policy of the supplier or retailer before ordering the items you need, as it is extremely significant. You must do this when you order large and delicate products, such as furniture, as they are more likely to get damaged due to negligence of logistics while in transit. Hence, it is crucial to check through the details and learn about the consumer rights on defective and damaged goods.

Customers should reach the supplier or retailer and go through the standard complaint process to file the damaged or defective merchandise. Here we have compiled a list of ways you need to follow when your delivered product is damaged to know Who is Liable for Damaged Products.

  • Receive the goods- Receiving your products initially is the wise method for every order. Besides, when your order is delivered, and you notice a defect in the package, the ingenious way is to accept the delivery instead of refusing it. If you don’t take the order, it may cause a delay in the procedure and might cost you additionally. You might have to pay for the storage fees and the returning charges till the seller processes the refund. Moreover, you will be unable to document your defective item if you don’t accept it.
  • Capture Images of the defective goods- You must snap the damaged products instantly after you receive it. Ensure that the images of the compromised packaging and the product are clear. It will aid you in the documentation of the damaged or the defective products. It will assist the supplier in learning the reason for the damage and understanding if the damage was in transit, handled incorrectly, or improperly packed. It would be proof while reporting the issue to the supplier.
  • Communicating with seller- Online platforms have a refund and return policies and cover a portion of damaged and defective goods. Hence, you must look through the printed details to learn it carefully and know if any provision exists to return the faulty goods that cover shipping costs; you may do the same and learn Who is Liable for Damaged Products.
  • Claim a return instantly- You must demand a return when you file the complaint, and the courier personnel will initiate your product pick-up. Once the pick-up is commenced, your refund of the product will be initiated. You can ask the supplier about the time the refund will take.

Step by Step process to register a complaint about the damaged goods

It is advised to capture the images of the damaged items received to create the liability of the manufacturer and the seller. Here are the steps to register a complaint about the delivered damaged products.

  • Call the retailer or the seller immediately to inform the about the damages or defects caused during transit. It is the initial step and the initial individuals to contact and report the issue of damaged goods received.
  • Attach the images or the recordings of the damaged products or the packaging as it forms support and evidence of your virtual complaint.
  • Retailers or suppliers take required actions to handle your issue and come out with a solution, either offering a refund or a replacement.
  • Who is Liable for Damaged Products? The retailers and sellers are held responsible under the Consumer Rights Acts for manufacturing defects or damaged goods. 
  • If the seller does not respond immediately or take required actions, you can reach the concerned authorities in your respective nation to file a complaint and get a solution.

When to file a lawsuit for the damaged items?

It is the right time to file a lawsuit for the damaged goods when the seller doesn’t respond and reject your request for the issue. But, the customers are liable to give evidence of the damaged or defective goods to file a lawsuit and claim compensation for the defective goods. Besides, the consumers must have evidence of the following:

  • The received item has manufacturing defects.
  • Design of the product is not as mentioned or is defective, and check that Who is Liable for Damaged Products.
  • The received product is not similar to the specifications mentioned.
  • Retailer refuses to provide warranty of the product.
  • Goods are damaged or defective when received and don’t work as mentioned by the seller.
  • The services provided are faulty, imperfect, and deficient.

Filing case

The helpful country-wise links to file consumer case is as follows:

  • United Stateshttps://usa.gov/consumer-complaints
  • United Kingdomhttps://www.gov.uk/consumer-protection-rights
  • Australiahttps://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/complaints-problems/make-a-consumer-compaint
  • Canada- https://www.ontario.ca/page/filing-consumer-complaint
  • India- https://www.gama.gov.in/ConsumerGrivences.aspx


Have you received defective or damaged goods and wonder Who is Liable for Damaged Products. The guide above will help you learn the initial things you must do when you receive it. We have also provided several ways to claim and file a complaint and request a complete refund or replacement for your damaged goods. Besides, check out the country-wise links to file your complaint about the delivered damaged products.

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