Write for Us + Business Guest Post : Learn the Best Way to Write Guest Posting!

Read this article ain details and you will able to explore some new guidelines for Write for Us + Business Guest Post.

Are you aware of the process of writing guest post articles? Do you have any experience regarding the guest post? While you have been looking for the opportunity to post and write for us content you find our article as your first preference?

Demand for guest posting has started to evolve and lots of writers around the globe have been doing various types of posting on our Quickgonews.com website.

Recently we have been planning to introduce a new segment where we will give writers an opportunity to post their articles. But before you begin posting, we want all the writers to go through our Write for Us + Business Guest Post protocols. Read this article and find some new details.

About our Quickgonews.com:

Our website is able to gain traffic across the web, as per our viewers they get all types of information that they search over the web. Some of the articles that we mainly publish in our website to attract traffic are given below:

  • We provide news articles and it will help viewers to learn about the trending discussion and other things that help viewers to create a connection with worldwide news.
  • We also upload varieties of website reviews and it will help them while they are planning to purchase products from them. So we will be happy to suggest our viewers know the best website to purchase their product.
  • We also provide daily updates and other valuable information to the investor who has been investing in cryptocurrency and wants to get the best market insights for their investment.

Now our team has been providing opportunities to the writer and they can start posting their Write for Us + Business Guest Post on our Quickgonews.com.

Guidelines for Guest post writing:

Some proper guidelines have been developed for the writers who will start posting articles, we suggest writers have a look before they post articles on our website. important guidelines that we want our viewers to implement are as follows:

  • We want our writers to start posting articles with the word count of 500 to 1000 articles.
  • Before you submit your article to our team you need to put your on Grammarly check and its score must be more than 97%.
  • Proofing reading is a good quality and we want our writers to follow this habit before they send us for the publishing.
  • Try to take several references and it will help them while they create unique content.
  • We want writers to follow all of our SEO guidelines that have to be followed while they “Write for Us” + Business post articles for Quickgonews.com.
  • Spam score plays an important role. Always check your link; it must not be more than 1 to 3 percent.
  • We also suggest writers to check their content on the copyscape premium tool and it will help them to get the accurate result against plagiarism reports.
  • Writers must know that they have to create a proper title and its character must not go more than 50 characters.
  • Proper subheading needs to be added in the article to make it more attractive for viewers.
  • While writers create meta descriptions we want them to limit it up to 150 characters.
  • While writers write Business + “Write for Us” content they must follow the keyword density of 0.75 to 1 percent. 
  • We suggest writers make proper paragraphs and add some bullet points.
  • Do not forget to highlight keywords and external links with green and blue.
  • External links must be attached once the writer completes 80 percent of the article.

Advantages of Business Write for Us content:

  • Guest posting on our website will be able to provide huge traffic to your website due to our traffic base.
  • Generation of lead will be easy if writers start posting their articles on our website.
  • Writers will be able to witness their keyword will start to rank automatically due to our website.
  • Brand establishment will be easy for the writer who will post on our website for guest posting.

Contact us option:

We have provided all the details that writers need to follow while they start posting articles to our website. If you think you are able to follow it then share your articles in our Email Id – Quickgonews1@gmail.com now. Our team will take 24 hours to revert you back.

Final Verdict:

This article has provided proper guidelines for the writers who were willing to post their Business “Write for Us” content. If you want to know the details of guest posting then click here.

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