Write for Us + Crypto Guest Post : Learn the Best Method Before You Post You Start Guest Posting!

Scroll down our article to reveal all the essential guidelines you need to follow while sharing your Write for Us + Crypto Guest Post.

Is it true that you are looking for websites that will offer you to post crypto articles? While you have been looking for crypto articles, you find Quickgonews.com as your first choice. Do you know the protocols for guest posting?

Crypto has become a trend as many people across the web have been investing. By understanding the demand, we have been creating space for interested writers who will post their articles. 

But before you start posting, we want our writers to understand some of our Write for Us + Crypto Guest Post guidelines. To learn all of those details, we suggest writers follow this article.

About our Quickgonews.com:

Our Quickgonews.com has gained lots of traffic across the web, and we have earned this reputation by discussing many niche topics. Some of the Niche topics our viewers love to read are below.

  • We publish news articles. In this form of articles, we discuss the most happening news and other trending things like Celebrity news, Net worth news, etc.
  • We also focus on discussing pertinent details about any website that help viewers save money by knowing all the parameters of a website.
  • We also deliver product reviews. This review, we mainly help viewers to grab the best deal and provide more details about the product.

We have also created a space to promote Write for Us Crypto articles for Quickgonews.com.

Guidelines for Crypto guest posting:

Some guidelines have been set for the writer planning to write guest posting articles. Some of the policies that we want writers to follow are as follows:

  • We want viewers to look at the word count. It can be at most 500 to 1000 words.
  • Before sending your complete article to us, try to remove all the fillers you have written in the article, and remember, we will not accept them.
  • We want our authors to read their articles before forwarding them to our team for additional processing.
  • Writers must use additional sources while creating content for a lesson.
  • Try to use the active voice when writing; we won’t accept any passive voice.
  • Before you submit your “Write for Us” + Crypto article, we suggest writers check their link, and it does not go more than 1 to 3 percent.
  • The title of the article can be up to 50 characters.
  • Less than 150 characters will not be approved for a description.
  • Additionally, we advise writers to examine their work with Copyscape Premium to prevent issues with plagiarism. Try to attach a screenshot of it.
  • You also need to know that we accept Crypto + “Write for Us” articles readability score of at least 60, and we will not get your articles below 60 score.
  • All keywords should be highlighted in blue, and external links should be green, per our request.
  • After the first 80% of the article, you must provide an external link.
  • We also want our writers to read several articles to create unique content.
  • Try to maintain a Grammarly score of at least 98. Our team will not accept less than this score.
  • We will never accept any spun content on our website; check before you send us.

Benefits of Crypto Write for Us:

We want all writers to know some of the benefits before posting guest posts on our portal. Here are some of the gifts that are given below:

  • Due to our high traffic volume, interested contributors can easily create many leads by posting their content on our web portal.
  • As soon as you upload your article on our website, the keywords of your content will begin to rank automatically.
  • You can improve the DA and PA of your website by guest blogging on our portal.
  • Our contributors may appropriately establish their brand recognition through guest posting.

Ways of contact our Quickgonews.com:

These are some of the benefits and guidelines we want writers to follow. Please send us your article in our email if you can post the following details. After processing, you will revert to us within 24 hours.

Final Verdict:

Crypto “Write for Us” articles need to follow some proper guidelines mentioned in this article. Meanwhile, we suggest you click here, and you will know details about Crypto guest posting.

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