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Read this article properly and it help you to provide detailed information about Write for Us + Home Decor Guest Post.

Do you want to start a guest post about Decor? While you were searching for a guest post on a reputation website you came to know about our website? Do you have any idea about the protocols of writing guest posts?

Now we are going to provide some new opportunities to the interested writer who has been looking for an opportunity to Write for Us + Home Decor Guest Post. Before you post we suggest you learn all the important things to do before you create your article. Now learn all; the details before you start writing an article.

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To provide more information to our viewers we have been looking for the new space where writers will start Write for Us Home Decor. Now continue this write for us article by reading all the guidelines.

Guidelines develop for Decor guest posting:

New guidelines has been develop for guest posting and we want all writers to follow while they start writing guest posting for our Quickgonews.com:

  • Writers should be aware that articles can only be between 500 and 1000 words long in most cases.
  • Before submitting their articles, writers must proofread their work.
  • Minimum Grammarly score of 97% is required.
  • It is not a good sign when keyword density exceeds 1%.
  • Writers should use the Copyscape Tool to check their writing for plagiarism because such content will be rejected.
  • To make it easier for the readers and viewers, we ask writers to use straightforward language.
  • As per SEO guidelines we suggest writers to follow their “Write for Us” + Home, and it will help writers to provide proper articles.
  • Scores for spam must be kept to a minimum and cannot exceed 3%.
  • As soon as writers have completed their 80 percent of the writing, don’t forget to include external links.
  • No more than 10% of the text may be passive.
  • We don’t include any advertising links in the material.
  • We advise authors to stick to the 50-character restriction while coming up with titles.
  • The meta description must not exceed 140 characters.
  • Try to create paragraphs on your Decor + “Write for Us” after completing 70 words.
  • While you are writing material on restaurants, try to incorporate subheading.
  • We suggest writers to highlight all the keywords with blue colour and the external link must be highlighted with green colour.
  • Bullet points need to be provided by the writers in order to make write up more attractive.

These are some of the guidelines that we suggest all of our writers follow while they start writing articles for our Quickgonews.com, now it will be better for the writers to follow our article and learn about the benefits of guest posting.

Advantages for the Home Decor Write for Us:

  • Writers can grow their businesses by obtaining a tonne of new leads by publishing as guests on our website Quickgonews.com
  • Due to our massive traffic base, guest posting on esteponapress.com will assist in building brand value.
  • By utilising a guest posting service, a website’s SERP ranking is automatically improved for a subset of keywords (Search Engine Result Page).
  • Due to the high-quality backlinks obtained using the guest posting strategy, website performance will also improve, which will have an impact on DA and PA (Page Authority).

Contact Us:

If you believe you can write an article using these principles after understanding their advantages, send your article to our email address quickgonews1@gmail.com. Within 24 hours of confirming all the information, one of our employees will contact you.


The standards, benefits, and other pertinent information that will aid writers to Home Decor “Write for Us” are all discussed in this page. Now, if you’re interested in learning more information about home decor guest posting, we advise you to visit here .

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