Write for Us + Shopping Guest Post : Know the Guidelines Before You Start Developing It.

Read this article and you will able to gain knowledge that helps you to Write for Us + Shopping Guest Post.

We all love to do shopping whenever we get free time and love to read details regarding shopping. While you’re reading this article, do you plan to post your shopping article in our Quickgonews.com? Have you ever written content for guest posting?

Recently lots of people over the web have been searching for details where they can gain varieties of details that will help them to do shopping.

By understanding the demand, we have created a space for the writers who will write articles on shopping. But before they start writing articles, we want them to know guidelines of Write for Us + Shopping Guest Post. Now read the write up that we have been created for you.

About us:

Quickgonews.com has been posting and entertaining worldwide traffic over the lots of years, by understanding the demand of our viewers we have provided information to them. We also publish some niche topics in different formats, some of the important formats that we follow are given below in this article for you.

  • We upload articles, where we try to cover all the worldwide news under the same roof, hence it creates the bridget with the viewers and news. We mainly cover celebrity news and sports news also cover some mysterious facts about the world.
  • We have started to develop website reviews, where we upload all the details that help our viewers to get ideas about the portal they are planning to purchase. We also discuss some important facts like the advantages and disadvantages of the website, Specification and other important things.
  • We have also started to publish articles on crypto currencies. It helps our viewers to learn about market data and some other facts that help to do an investment plan.

Now we are planning to create a new space where viewers will get another niche article on Write for Us Shopping. 

Guidelines develop for Shopping article:

  • Articles with a word count of more than 1000 will not be accepted.
  • Before sending their content to our publishing team, writers must proofread their work.
  • We only accept work that is original. If we discover plagiarism problems, we hold it right away.
  • When writing material for a piece on culture, try to maintain a keyword density of at least 1%.
  • While you write a title on “Write for Us” + Shopping, you need to follow it must not be more than 50 characters.
  • Meta Description must not cross the character limit if more than 150.
  • We encourage authors to review the spam scores of their links. A spam score of 1 to 3 percent is not acceptable.
  • All SEO guidelines provided by our SEO executives must be followed by writers.
  • Prior to sending them to us, try to highlight the keywords.
  • After you’ve written at least 80% of your article, please include any external links. This rule needs to be followed by the writer in the time they create + “Write for Us” Shopping article.
  • Content with a lot of fillers is not acceptable.
  • Please refrain from pasting articles that have affiliate links.
  • Articles having more than 10% passive voice will never be accepted.
  • Writers are required to use the premium Copyscape programme to verify theory content.
  • We also want writers to create short paragraphs and words of those parameters must be within 70 words.
  • Grammarly score must be more than 97 percent, we will reject content if we find it is less scored.

Advantages of posting Shopping Write for Us Shopping

  • Because of our substantial traffic, writers will be able to draw in more readers by participating in guest posting.
  • To effectively raise brand awareness. The most popular method for doing this is by guest posting.
  • Website performance, including domain and page authority, will improve as a result of the high-quality backlinks generated by guest posting.
  • Your article’s keywords will receive a boost to improve their ranking.

Contact option:

We have provided all the important details that need to be followed in the time of writing an article, if you think you can write it then share us your article in our email if. Our team will connect you within 24 hours.

Final Verdict:

In this article we have provided all the steps to create Shopping “Write for Us”, we suggest writers to follow it and create your article. Also click here if you love to know the advantages of shopping guest posts.

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